Yachting the Italian & French Riviera

“Imagination rules the world.” – Napolean Bonaporte

Imagine setting sail on a weeklong voyage along the Italian and French Riviera, indulging in expertly crafted cuisine and enjoying some of the most personal service at sea. Ever-changing backdrops starring some of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean will make anyone feel like they are on top of the world. There’s no need for imagination; this is what SeaDream brings to reality.
This picturesque journey, embarking in  Civitavecchia (Rome) visits famed cities like Pompeii (Sorrento), Capri and Bonifacio. Amidst mountainous terrain and enchanting bays, Corsica was also the home of Napoleon Bonaporte whose fierce independence shares a likeness with the fiery island. SeaDream’s overnight stay on this French island allows guests to enjoy a longer and more meaningful time to explore the stylish coastal towns and breathtaking valleys Corsica has to offer.


Saint Tropez- France

After departure from the Corsican region, the next stop is to a most famous resort town on French Riviera. Welcome to St. Tropez; a playground for fashion models, athletes, movie stars and other jet-setting celebrities. And if guests haven’t had enough of the glitz and glamour in St. Tropez, wrapping up the week in Cannes is the perfect way to complete this dream-come-true vacation. Make sure to walk the red carpet! October is a wonderful time to take this journey, as the usually crammed beaches and restaurant crowds begin to disappear and the locals begin to relax. It’s a great time to truly enjoy the Mediterranean and the “yachting, not cruising” lifestyle.  Find out more on how you can start living this #SeaDream by contacting your travel professional.

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