Bjarne Smorawski

SeaDream Yacht Club Captain, SeaDream Captain, Byarne Smorawski

It seems that some of us are born with a love for the sea. Those who have this love-of-the-sea gene (if that’s what it is), feel the call early and it lasts throughout their lives. Perhaps the best examples are those men and women who run away to the sea to become professional sailors navigating the oceans of the world.

Captain Smorawski is a classic example of a person with the love-of-the-sea gene. Born in Esbjerg, Denmark, he is the son of a Danish mother and Polish father. As a young boy his family left Denmark and moved to Norway. Our Captain was fascinated with the North Sea that provided many of his fellow Scandinavians with their livelihood. He spend most of his time after school, near the sea.

In 1963 when he was 16, the future seaman shipped out to spend three months on what he describes as a ‘school ship’. Following school, he spent about ten years exploring the world while working on bulk cargo and reefer vessels.

Strongly committed to his chosen profession , he returned to land to gain more schooling at the Maritime School in Fredrikstad, Norway. Today, Captain Smorawski is in the enviable positon of being the Master of what is generally accepted as one of the world’s finest mega-yachts; SeaDream I.

‘This is the ultimate for me,’ he says. ‘I can watch the sea forever’. Captain Smorawski also notes that it is the guests and the crew that are the extra ingredients making his life at sea a joy. A family man, Captain Smorawski now makes his home in England with his partner of 23 years Suzanne. He is the pround father of two children. His daughter Anista is a school teacher in Norway and his son Thomas is still in college and lives with the family in England. An excellent craftsman, when ashore on leave Captain Smorawski restores antique furniture.

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