Svein-Rune Stromnes

Svein-Rune Stromnes

Captain Stromnes was born in Tromsø, in the northern part of Norway and grew up in Lyngen, famous for skiing in the alps and fishing in the fjord. At the age of seven, he caught an interest in being at sea while out fishing with a neighbor.

Captain Stromnes started his maritime education in 1993. He first went to sea on a cargo ship at 17-years-old in 1994 on a freighter between Norway and Spain. He continued his maritime education and went all the way up to Master mariner, holding a degree in maritime law. He also spent some time in the Royal Norwegian Navy where he completed his military service as naval officer.

Captain Stromnes has been at sea for a little over 20 years, serving on cruise ships and various cargo ships including ferries when he is home on vacation.

During his time off he enjoys fishing, bicycling, and mountain hiking since he lives on the countryside in the northern part of Norway and has the sea on one side of his house and the mountainside on the other.

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