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European Cruise Lines - Mediterranean Yacht Vacations

European Cruise Lines

Immerse Yourself in the Mediterranean with SeaDream

Standing apart from average European cruise lines, SeaDream Yacht Club looks to provide its guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. As your yacht sails through the historic Mediterranean waters, you’ll get to enjoy a robust selection of onboard amenities and a pampered, luxurious atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else at sea. Every guest enjoys a picturesque ocean view and delectable flavors that they’ll remember for a lifetime. If you are after a casually elegant yachting experience that provides something remarkably different, a SeaDream yacht is where you should be.

Prepare for A Luxurious Voyage

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As you begin your voyage aboard a SeaDream yacht, you will note from the moment you board until after you depart, our crew is there to ensure you have a relaxing and memorable experience. Each yacht offers 95 crew members for its 112 guest max capacity. This near 1:1 ratio allows us to provide unmatched individual attention to detail and enables our crew to anticipate your needs. At any time during your journey, you can ask the crew to help facilitate your personal requests. Are you looking for more time alone and a more intimate voyage? Just ask.

Over the years, SeaDream has been recognized by many prestigious publications and received awards for this impeccable service. In 2015, our ships were recognized by ForbesLife as the “Best Luxury Cruise Ship.” 2016 was another great year, with a variety of publications awarding us specific recognitions for our excellent service. In 2017, we are especially honored to have received multiple awards from Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships. Both our yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II were placed in the #1 and #2 spots as “Top Boutique Ship.” Of course, these are just some of the most recent recognitions, and we are proud of rewards stretching back to our founding in 2001.

Enjoying Inclusive Options

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european cruise line, european cruise lines
european cruise line, european cruise lines

Beyond your attentive crew, the time you spend aboard SeaDream is designed to provide you with a casually elegant yachting experience. You’ll find no shortage of inclusive options that will help make your time memorable and pampered. From the 5-star gastronomical Dream Cuisine to the open bar serving select premium beverages, you’ll always have something to satiate your appetite. The onboard library, Watersports Marina, Fitness Center, and other amenities further help to pass the time and ensure you can get the most out of every moment you spend at sea.

Plenty of Places to Explore


Of course, if you are considering European cruise lines, you are not just on the journey for the onboard amenities. Instead, your appetite to see the world and the beauty in this Mediterranean region have to offer will be pleasantly satisfied. With SeaDream, we carefully design itineraries that sail through some of the most iconic coastlines of Europe. This includes the French Riviera, Italian Riviera, Adriatic, and Greek Isles. In some instances, your voyage will be centered in one of these regions while other options offer longer itineraries that allow you to explore the best of each. So, what can you expect from these destinations?

French Riviera

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european cruise line, european cruise lines


european cruise line, european cruise lines

St. Tropez

Locally known as the Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera is a wonderful place to visit for first-timers and experienced seafarers alike. Home to the jet-setting and luxurious island of Saint-Tropez, many guests enjoy visiting this region to learn more about the rich cultural history and immerse themselves in the glamorous French town. Making anchor at the downtown pier, your SeaDream Yacht gives you direct access to the heart of this beautiful island, allowing you to explore the golf courses, picturesque beaches, and famous nightlife destinations.

If you’re after something a bit more intimate, the town of Antibes, said to be the first settled by the Greeks in the Riviera, offers distinctive Greek architecture and a quaint small town feel. The old Cathedral is a must-see while there, and our crew will be delighted to lead a walk further explore the area. Other popular destinations in the French Riviera include locales: Nice, Cassis, Cannes, and more. Many of these ports offer Yachting Land Adventures excursions for guests to enjoy the full experience.

Italian Riviera

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european cruise line, european cruise lines


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Also known as the Ligurian Riviera, the Italian Riviera is a narrow coastal strip that provides some of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean ocean. Striving to highlight this area as much as possible, our Captains often find the most scenic routes during the voyage, allowing guests to capture the full scope of its beauty. One destination our guests are always delighted to visit is Portovenere, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. This town is recognized for demonstrating the ability of man while maintaining the natural beauty of the landscape and is home to one of our most popular Yachting Land Adventures. Also known as Cinque Terre, get your cameras ready when approaching this town, as our scenic route provides some of the best picture opportunities to share with loved ones back home.

The beautiful fishing village of Portofino is another exciting destination you should make sure to see. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in our “Taste of Tradition” Land Adventure, which provides you with a history and practical lessons in Italian cuisine. Of course, your Italian Riviera voyage can take you through other wonderful destinations along the way, including Capri, Amalfi, Trapani, and much more. Perhaps you’ll even choose to visit Stromboli, Sicily, which is often referred to as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” due to its volcanic activity.

Adriatic Sea

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european cruise line, european cruise lines


Home to Croatia, the many beautiful islands of this area offer their own special appeal. Dubrovnik, referred to as “The Pearl of the Adriatic,” is often the most popular destination along this coastline. It is considered to be in the Top 10 walled medieval cities in the world and since 1979 has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Serving as an embarkation point for many voyages, we offer plenty of exciting Yachting Land Adventures here. Your journey through the Adriatic might also lead to Hvar, which at most times is sunny and beautiful, ready to provide you with tours by both land and sea.

Other popular destinations include spots like Rab, the Mljet National Park, and Sibenik. This area is also home to the islands of Split and Trogir, both of which have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are looking for a historically rich area, make sure to spend some time ashore at both of these destinations.

Greek Isles

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Another beautiful part of the Mediterranean, the Greek Isles includes various destinations in a wide range that covers many different areas. Perhaps the most well-known of these is Mykonos, which is a highly anticipated destination for visitors around the world. Its natural beauty, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and historic sites make it a wonder to behold. Similarly, Santorini features unique architecture and a bustling destination. Those who enjoy something a bit quieter will appreciate areas like Parikia, Paros, Hydra Port, and Nafplion, which is home to an ancient fortress.

When you pass through the Greek Isles aboard a SeaDream yacht, you will also get to experience the Corinth Canal. This breathtaking man-made passage has ancient origins and is impossible to pass for most European cruise lines, but our small size allows us to navigate with ease.

Exploring Unique and Intimate Ports

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Regardless of what part of the Mediterranean you explore, the significant advantage of choosing SeaDream over large European cruise lines is that you get to enjoy these areas in a more intimate setting. With our boutique ship size, we are able to navigate these more secluded waterways and also gain access to some of the best ports in the region. This avoids the crowds of many larger ports and ensures you can enjoy a more relaxed and luxurious voyage. Not only do you get to maintain a greater degree of privacy in this yachting fashion, but you will also find yourself visiting some of the most beautiful boutique destinations along the way, enhancing the overall experience to keep you satisfied.

Join Us On A Wine Voyage

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Of course, one of the biggest advantages of choosing a Mediterranean voyage is a chance to explore one of our unique Wine Voyages itineraries. Led by our Wine Director, Ida Donheim, this unique program takes your already luxurious cruise experience and mixes in a focus on wine tastings and winery tours. During the voyage, we offer specialized wine tastings and perfect culinary pairings. But, these onboard wine tastings are just the start of what you can expect. Beyond your usual destinations, these unique wine voyages take you to many of the areas best wineries. Travel through countries that are world-renowned for their wine including Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain. Some of the notable destinations include Chateau de Cremat, The Corsican Vineyard of Clos Canarelli, Bartulovic, and many more.

Enjoy Your Time Onboard

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european cruise line, european cruise lines

After each destination, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy more of our onboard amenities. With fully-stocked staterooms, each guest aboard our European cruise lines with a beautiful ocean view making your home away from home a great place to relax during the day or rest your head at night. If you want to get out of the room one night, you might instead fall asleep under the stars in one of our signature Balinese Dream Beds. Prior to this, don’t forget to pay a visit to our popular Piano Bar located on Deck 4 or head up to the Top of the Yacht Bar to mingle with fellow yachtsmen.

Traveling On European Cruise Lines

No matter where your Mediterranean voyage takes you, SeaDream is there to ensure you have everything you need along the way. With luxurious accommodations and a crew determined to provide you with that pampered experience, you’ll wish you could stay longer. You can always book back-to-back voyages! There’s something to explore at every destination and whether you join in on a wine voyage or any of our itineraries, our inclusive options, and award-winning service will ensure your needs are met. This is the European cruise line you’re looking for. Contact your travel professional today to book your luxury cruise vacation. When you are ready to enjoy a vacation experience unlike any other, view voyages to find the right itinerary and book now.