Cuba FAQ

FAQ’s and More Information on Cuba 2019

Q: Where can I view details about the Cuba Voyage Collection?
A: To view all Cuba voyages and their itinerary maps, port information and related travel information, visit
Q: When can I book my Cuba voyage ?
A: Now open for booking.
Q: Where do I fly to?
A: These voyages will embark and disembark in two different ports; Havana and Cienfuegos. Guests may fly roundtrip Havana or may fly into/out of Cienfuegos. (It’s a matter of personal choice). Most will find roundtrip air to/from Havana the easier option.
Q: How do I get from Havana airport to Cienfuegos or the reverse?
A: SeaDream will offer transfer options via modern air-conditioned motor coach and possibly private sedan. Cost and schedules will be available soon.
Q: How far is Cienfuegos from Havana airport?
A: Ground travel time is about 2.5 – 3 hours.
Q: What time should I plan my flights to arrive and depart Cuba?
A: Due to ground transfer times, we strongly recommend the following flight guidelines: Flights arriving on the day of Embarkation; should arrive into Havana or Cienfuegos, no later than 12 noon. Flights departing on the day of Debarkation; should depart Havana or Cienfuegos, not before 12 noon.
Q: What time is Embarkation?
A: 2:00pm to 4:00pm; which is the same as most other SeaDream voyages
Q: If the yacht is overnight in Havana on the last night of my voyage, can I disembark that night, instead of the next morning?
A: On voyages that conclude in Havana with the last voyage night as an overnight in Havana, guests may disembark yacht that night if needed. That request must be provided in writing to SeaDream, prior to boarding. Approval may also depend on operational consideration.
Q: What Yachting Land Adventures will be available in Cuba?
A:  Travel to Cuba by citizens of the United States remains restricted. SeaDream’s Cuba program meets certain specific requirements for exemption from this restriction, but only under specific conditions. In general, US citizens must participate in government approved cultural, historical and person-to-person activities on a daily basis when in a Cuban port. These required Land Adventures are included with all guests voyage fare. Our Cuba Land Adventures are undergoing special development, to meet the high expectations of SeaDream and our guests. Included options have been published (those meeting requirements for US citizens). Additional options will be published soon.

Information regarding travel on SeaDream within Cuba

US Citizens

Consult the State Department’s website for important information related to Cuba travel, including information about safety, infrastructure, currency, and general expectations here A valid Passport with at least 2 blank pages is required for travel by all guests to Cuba. US Citizens require a Tourist Card to enter Cuba, which may be purchased through your airline. Contact them directly for details. Special requirements may apply to Cuban-born US Citizens. Contact a Visa service like CIBT for assistance. Travel to Cuba is still restricted for US Citizens. Your travel is allowed specifically due to your passage booked aboard SeaDream Yacht Club. This exception does not necessarily cover any pre- or post-voyage plans you have made independent of your SeaDream voyage. Check with a Visa service like CIBT for assistance. Debit and credit cards may not be accepted at many locations, but there are cash machines. Cuban currency is CUC, which is 1:1 with the USD. Currency onboard the yacht remains USD. Major airlines fly into Havana and some to Cienfuegos. Travel time between cities is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. Various transfer options between Havana airport and the port in Cienfuegos (and the reverse) for those purchasing round-trip Havana tickets will be available for purchase. We will communicate cost and schedules to booked guests soon. US Citizens must participate in approved SeaDream-provided Yachting Land Adventures (every day, when in port) that meet Cuban government requirements for exception to the travel restriction. These required YLAs are included in the cost of your vacation. We are working with tour experts to ensure that these required tours meet SeaDream standards. Details and upgrade options will be communicated to you in early November. Please do not make private arrangements as they may not meet requirements.

Non-US Citizens

A valid Passport with at least 2 blank pages is required for travel by all guests to Cuba. The purchase of travel insurance may be required. A Visa may be required to travel to Cuba. We recommend you contact a local Visa service as well as consult your nation’s governmental agency who handles travel requirements. For your convenience, here is a list for some of our guests: