For 30 years, Atle Brynestad has set the benchmark for luxury at sea. First, he founded Seabourn Cruise Line and launched three ultra-luxury cruise ships. Thirteen years later, he introduced discerning travelers to the SeaDream yachting experience with its two mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II.

Now Mr. Brynestad invites you to experience Global Yachting.

Global Yachting is the casual elegance and intimate ports you have experienced with SeaDream in the past, but now voyaging to the four corners of the globe. Within the first year of sailing, SeaDream Innovation will visit all continents, and the journey will continue with many stimulating destinations long into the future.

A new era of luxury cruising is here.

For a limited time, in celebration of our inaugural season:

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Inaugural Grand Voyage – September 2021

Sea Dream Inaugural Grand Voyage London to Ushuaia
London to Ushuaia September 18, 2021 70 Days




Once believed too remote and inhospitable to be visited, in recent years Antarctica has enthralled adventurous visitors with its surprisingly varied environments and rich wildlife. In the glacial waters, colossal chunks of ice shimmer in shades of sapphire, each more fantastically shaped than the last. Step ashore onto rugged islands where vast colonies of penguins chatter away, impressive elephant seals soak up the sun’s rays and regal albatrosses soar overhead. As you sail beside a towering glacier, the crackling of ice piercing the silence, you’ll wonder at the power and beauty of untamed Antarctica.



For centuries, the seas and waterways north of the Arctic Circle defied any attempts at discovery, guarding their immense beauty behind a veneer of ice. Fortunately, today’s travelers can comfortably access extraordinary settings that just decades ago were out of reach. Sail into majestic fjords past floating ice formations that evoke gleaming ships from another world. Alighting in a protected harbor, observe a magnificent polar bear ambling in the distance as playful seals call out from the pebbled shore. Everywhere you go, you’ll be inspired by the captivating tales of the resilient natives and intrepid explorers who walked these incredible lands before you.
SeaDream Mediterranean


Azure waters, whitewashed villages, cobbled streets and evocative ruins – these are some of the images that come to mind when dreaming of the eternal Mediterranean. Discover lands once shaped by the enlightened Greeks and Romans, the turbulent feudal age and the resplendent Renaissance, vestiges of each beguiling culture coexisting harmoniously in glorious seaside towns and cities. At glass-sheathed markets and tony boutiques, browse sophisticated ready-to-wear fashions and artisanally crafted delicacies. Sip a glass of velvety wine at an 18th-century estate, surrounded by gently swaying cypress trees, and contemplate the timeless allure of the sparkling Mediterranean.

North & South America

Time and again, European explorers sought to find safe passage through the changeable waters of North America’s farthest reaches. Pressing ever on, they carved a path through the otherworldly beauty of Arctic Canada’s islands and waterways, which are edged by titanic glaciers and astounding Martian landscapes. In the comfort of your ship, you’ll reach lands rarely trod upon, home to fabulous wildlife such as musk ox, walruses and wondrous polar bears. Look to the waves for the appearance of beluga whales and even the near-mythical narwhal, unicorn of the sea and apt paragon of this magical realm of ice.

Europe & Africa

Europe’s cobblestoned streets invoke a deep sense of history and tradition. Cosmopolitan hubs, history, museums, nightlife, Europe has it all. Discover the hidden treasures of Praia, Cape Verde, a stunning island chain with an interesting blend of African and Mediterranean culture en route to continental Europe. Given its prime positioning, Europe has been a popular destination for travelers with a wide range of interests. Unearth Europe’s remaining secrets as you venture to the Nordic region to ignite your sense of wonder and adventure.


Hidden for centuries from Western eyes, a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing cultures thrived in the mysterious lands to the east. Proud and powerful dynasties secured their place in the annals of time, building commanding palaces and temples with delicately curved roofs and exquisite gardens. Nature painted with fanciful strokes, conjuring remarkable panoramas that continue to inspire artists and travelers. Sail between ancient fishing villages and 21st-century metropolises, enjoying rare gastronomic delights and street life that buzzes with infectious energy. You’ll discover that past and future collide to exhilarating effect in astonishing Asia.

Oceania & South Pacific

In the South Pacific, discover a constellation of stunning islands so minuscule they barely register on a map, while in Australia and New Zealand explore vast expanses brimming with beautiful scenery and cosmopolitan cities. All share a reverence for the sea, which holds untold natural treasures along spectacular coral reefs that can stretch for hundreds of miles. Immerse yourself in the fascinating local cultures, perhaps experiencing Australia’s Aboriginal mysticism or the Polynesian traditions of New Zealand’s Maori. Reconnect with your true self on a beach blanketed with dove-white sand, your only companions the sun and the whisper of palm trees catching the breeze.


Far from monolithic, the Caribbean’s diverse destinations offer a veritable banquet of experiences sure to satisfy the discerning traveler, whether history buff, sun-seeker or both. Wander through colorful port towns rich in maritime history, their pockmarked fortresses testament to constant assaults from buccaneers and privateers. Among the striking remains of Mayan temples, unveil the lost glory of a once magnificent civilization. After delving into the lush jungle for a hike to a breathtaking mountain lookout, reward yourself with a sampling of local rums or a revitalizing swim in some of the world’s bluest and most inviting waters.