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Hidden for centuries from Western eyes, a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing cultures thriving in the mysterious lands to the east. Proud and powerful dynasties secured their place in the annals of time, building commanding palaces and temples with delicately curved roofs and exquisite gardens. Nature painted with fanciful strokes, conjuring remarkable panoramas that continue to inspire artists and travelers. Sail between ancient fishing villages and 21st-century metropolises, enjoying rare gastronomic delights and street life that buzzes with infectious energy. You’ll discover that past and future collide to exhilarating effect in astonishing Asia.

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luxury Hong Kong cruise

Hong Kong

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages The most striking visual aspect of Hong Kong is its skyscrapers, more than 300 of them. For the best view head to “The Peak,” traveling by tram up the steep slope. The panorama from the top – the busy harbor, forest of high-rises, and green hills beyond – is spectacular. The deep waters of Victoria Harbor that separate Hong Kong Island from Kowloon on the mainland are the reason for Hong Kong’s success. Traces of old Hong Kong can be found beneath the towers in the Central district, seat of government and finance. There are many boutiques carrying designer brands, but also small markets and eateries hidden in the alleyways to discover. Numerous Buddhist and Daoist temples and monasteries, some centuries old, are scattered around the city.
Ho Chi Minh City Cruise

Ho Chi Minh City

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages This high-energy center of commerce and culture is on the move; you can feel the buzz of Saigon just walking down the street. Trendy designer malls co-exist with traditional marketplaces and looming skyscrapers hover over ancient alleyways and colorful temples, a seamless flow between then and now.
Xiamen cruise


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Xiamen has been previously ranked China’s most romantic leisure city, but today it is more often referred to as the country’s “capital of cool,” a title based on its lively contemporary scene, sophisticated but laid-back atmosphere, rich musical and artistic heritage and its own special quirkiness. Its botanical garden is a nature lover’s paradise, abandoned warehouses have morphed into artist studios, and you can have a look the world’s longest elevated cycling path, the Xiamen Skyway, running for almost five miles at 16 feet above the ground. Make your way through narrow alleyways housing tiny shops filled with antiques and delicate ceramics; the one known as Cat Street sports life-sized kitty statues everywhere, on building facades and even telephone poles.
Matsue, Japan


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Surrounded by two lakes, the Sea of Japan and interlaced by canals, Matsue is known as the “City of Water.” A boat ride around its castle moat and through the narrow waterways is a relaxing way to absorb the scene. Matsue Castle was constructed to withstand a siege. Perched atop a hill and surrounded by a moat and thick walls, it successfully avoided ever having to see a battle. It has also withstood the test of time, fires, earthquakes and other incursions, and is one of only a dozen original castles in Japan. The politics and conflicts of its Edo period will be clearer after a visit to the Matsue History Museum for an introduction to the regional clans.
Cruise Busan in Luxury


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages The seaport city of Busan is ideally situated amidst mountains, beaches and steaming hot springs. The Songdo marine cable car is perfect for a scenic overview; adventurous riders might want to try the cars with the clear glass floors. Glide over the bay for a mile, enjoying panoramas of leafy hillsides and rugged cliffs.


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of 24 million, and is one of Asia’s major financial centers. It is a city with a long and colorful history, the center of many activities that helped to shape modern China. Today the emphasis is emphatically on the future, but nuggets of a traditional past do remain, including a 14th century temple dedicated to Confucius and the Ming Dynasty Yu Yuyuan, a classical Chinese garden. The maze of alleyways in old town still house fruit and vegetable stalls, but the century-old traditional stores of Nanjing Road, the main shopping street, are now lined with modern malls and designer boutiques.

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