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Europe’s cobblestoned streets invoke a deep sense of history and tradition. Cosmopolitan hubs, history, museums, nightlife, Europe has it all. Discover the hidden treasures of Praia, Cape Verde, a stunning island chain with an interesting blend of African and Mediterranean culture en route to continental Europe. Given its prime positioning, Europe has been a popular destination for travelers with a wide range of interests. Unearth Europe’s remaining secrets as you venture to the Nordic region to ignite your sense of wonder and adventure.

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luxury Casablanca cruises


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages The name Casablanca can’t help but conjure romance, and you’ll be glad to learn that this reputation is rightly earned. Stroll among the locals in expansive Mohammed V Square, which is ringed by regal buildings melding French colonial, Moorish and art deco influences, all anchored by an exuberant fountain. The French influence is also felt in the 1930s Habous District, a delightful jumble of streets peppered with bustling souks, handsome mosques and ornate archways. Gaze in awe at the Hassan II Mosque, whose soaring minaret is said to be the world’s tallest.
Lisbon cruises


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Once the seat of the world’s mightiest seafaring power, bewitching Lisbon still maintains its aura of imperial grandeur. Capture a classic photograph of the Torre de Belém, an iconic fortified tower guarding the mouth of the Tagus River, and then ascend to formidable St. George’s Castle, a remarkably intact Roman citadel over 2,000 years old. Marvel at the 15th-century Monastery of Jerónimos, a UNESCO World Heritage site designed in a unique Portuguese Gothic style known as Manueline, which abounds with intricately carved maritime motifs.
London cruise


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Synonymous with royalty, London is a living testament to the lofty achievements of the mighty kings and queens that have presided over this storied island nation. Witness the changing of the guard at gracious Buckingham Palace, a cherished custom that is both timeless and precisely on time, and tour the Houses of Parliament, the city’s other magnificently ornate center of power and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cross the iconic Tower Bridge on your way to view the utterly dazzling Crown Jewels, which are kept in the once-forbidding Tower of London, another UNESCO site.
Copenhagen cruises


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages There’s much to treasure in glorious Copenhagen, one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities. No visit is complete without indulging your inner child at the Tivoli Gardens, a fantastical amusement park and pleasure garden that melds the atmosphere of 19th-century Europe with recreations of Far East architecture, all amid wonderfully manicured grounds. After paying your respects to the city’s iconic statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, shop to your heart’s content on Strøget, an elegant lane flanked by sophisticated boutiques housed in graceful buildings.
ultra-luxury Oslo cruise


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Norway is a land steeped in myth, where irascible gods armed with frost and lightning once inspired Viking clans to plunder foreign lands. These days, genteel customs imported from mainland Europe have softened the country’s hard edges, but traces of an unruly past still abound. The exceptional museums dotting the Bygdøy Peninsula hold some of the city’s foremost attractions, including a thousand-year-old longship that was preserved in mud and the 12th-century Gol Stave Church, an exemplar of Norway’s distinctive wood sanctuaries. No less fascinating is a visit to the 1892 Fram, a legendary ship revered for her vital role in early polar explorations.
Praia, Cabo Verde


Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Gain an unfiltered perspective on daily life in the gorgeous Cape Verde archipelago during a visit to the capital of Praia, which hugs a protected bay on the island of Santiago. Just above the port, you’ll find the Plateau district, an attractive collection of 19th-century historic homes, tidy parks and public buildings, as well as an impressive statue of Diogo Gomes, the Portuguese navigator credited with discovering the island. To intermingle with locals, browse the goods at the Sucupira Market, a colorful riot of fruit, vegetables and an array of African goods.

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