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Chioggia, Italy

Chioggia, Italy mediterranean port destinations

Approximately 25 kilometers south of Venice, this gorgeous Italian fishing port is located in the southern entrance of the Venetian Lagoon, a property of the UNESCO World Heritage. Chioggia is widely considered to be the miniature version of Venice, as it is also built around canals and boats. Chioggia is known for various modern industries such as lace-making, brick-making, steel, and textiles, however, the livelihood of the port has always been fishing, which remains the significant economic sector. Be sure to indulge in the seafood restaurants available at this port!

The oldest documentation cites Chioggia as part of the Byzantium Empire in the 6th Century A.D. Throughout history, depending on the period, Chioggia has been known by various names, such as Clodia, Cluza, Clugia and Chiozzam. The town was destroyed by Pepin of Italy during an unsuccessful siege in 810 and was later rebuilt on an industry based on salt pans. Chioggia was also site to one of the Venetian-Genoese Wars between 1378 and 1381, aptly named the “War of Chioggia”. In the third weekend of June, there is an annual festival named the “Palio della Marciliana” which celebrates the end of the war that resulted in a peace pact between Genova and Venice, and includes crossbow tournaments that the local districts compete in.

There are many monuments in the historical part of Chioggia, including the church of St. Andrew, and the Chioggia Cathedral. The Church of St. Andrew contains a Romanic Bell tower dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries, as well as the painting Crocifissione by Palma il Vecchio. The Chioggia Cathedral, originally the Church of St. Maria, was remodeled in 1623 by Baldassare Longhena after a fire destroyed the original cathedral the same year. The bell tower standing aside the cathedral has remained erect since 1347. The Canale Vena extends parallel to the main street Corso del Popolo, and the characteristic narrow streets around the town are truly reminiscent of Venice.

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