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Hornstrandir, Iceland

Hornstrandir, Iceland mediterranean port destinations

Jutting out from northwestern Iceland, much like the horn its name suggests, gorgeous Hornstrandir shimmers in shades of brown, green and yellow that beguilingly transition from one to another as the topography shifts. A nature reserve that is part of the greater Westfjords region, the spellbinding scenery is distinguished by upwardly curving terrain that suddenly breaks off and gives way to sheer seaside cliffs. Throughout the emerald meadows coating the land, Arctic fox wander freely in search of the region’s appetizing birds. Birdwatchers need not fear, however, as the industrious foxes could barely put a dent in the avian population, which numbers in the millions. In the haven of Hornvík Bay, you’ll discover eye-catching waders such as sandpipers, redneck pharalopes and golden plovers. But the main show is found on the surrounding cliffs of Hælavíkurbjarg and Hornbjarg, where significant numbers of puffins, fulmars, kittiwakes and razorbills are nearly dwarfed by the world’s largest colonies of guillemots. As you lose count of the agile sea birds soaring overhead, you’ll feel your spirit take flight beside them.


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