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Nuuk, Greenland

Welcome to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland and its largest city. As such, it is home to several eminent cultural institutions, including the National Museum of Greenland, where priceless artifacts trace over 4,500 years of Norse and Inuit history. While admiring the cheerfully colored buildings found along the waterfront, you’ll notice a house built in 1728 by Hans Egede, one of the area’s first Danish settlers, whose statue crowns a nearby promontory. In the Nuuk Art Museum, examine terrific paintings by Emanuel A. Petersen, a 20th-century artist committed to representing the peoples and landscapes of Greenland. A journey by boat or kayak into the surrounding complex of fjords takes you beside mammoth icebergs, melting-ice waterfalls and even past breaching humpback whales. Climb up the nearby mountain of Quassussuaq, or Little Malene, for awe-inspiring views over the web of waterways and mountains encircling Nuuk, and then warm up with a visit to one of the city’s cozy cafés, where a local favorite is coffee infused with whiskey, Kahlua, Grand Marnier and a dollop of whipped cream. A legend accompanies this bracing libation, but you’ll need to ask a local for the beguiling details.


The pedicures my husband and I had on deck as we sailed out of Civitavecchia to begin the voyage were fantastic Mrs. Betsy BrownFalmouth, Maine
This was undoubtedly the best trip my wife and I have ever had. Thank you for this amazing experience. Mr & Mrs Zogbi FilhoSao Paulo, Brazil

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