Mediterranean Destinations

Qassiarsuk, Greenland

Over a millennia ago, Icelander Erik the Red reached the bay where Qassiarsuk is found today, thrilled to discover a lush countryside of rolling fields blanketed in grass. This evocative landscape, where sheep farming is conducted almost exactly as it has been for centuries, received UNESCO World Heritage site designation for its unique cultural importance. While wandering the picture-perfect setting, you’ll come across vivid patches of yellow and purple wildflowers, and if you’re lucky, catch the glint of a crystal lodged into the area’s rock formations. Visit reminders of the earliest settlers, including reconstructions of a Viking longhouse and Thjodhild’s church, whose roof is picturesquely covered in turf. You can also enter a traditional Viking dwelling, which seems to be built directly into a mound of earth and grass. Partway up a hill overlooking the town, a statue dedicated to Leif Erikson, son of Erik, honors the accomplishments of the fearless explorer, whose journey to the American continent predated Columbus’ by nearly five centuries. From here, you’ll enjoy phenomenal views of the glittering bay and the scattered homes of marvelous Qassiarsuk.


The best trip I ever had. I used to be in the travel business for 23 years, traveled on other cruise lines – this was the BEST! Mrs Taunia RichardsonAnderson, South Carolina
The pedicures my husband and I had on deck as we sailed out of Civitavecchia to begin the voyage were fantastic Mrs. Betsy BrownFalmouth, Maine

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