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Scoresbysund *, Greenland

Boasting one of the largest fjord complexes in the world, Scoresbysund astonishes visitors with its surprisingly fertile and colorful terrain. Thanks to the wide mouth of the main fjord, which never entirely freezes, and the protection afforded by towering basalt cliffs that blunt the winds, numerous species are drawn to this relatively sheltered corner of Greenland. Vast populations of musk ox traverse the landscape of vibrant tundra while Arctic fox, Arctic hare and other native fauna dart among the low-lying vegetation. This being Greenland, however, ice is ever-present atop the commanding peaks and carved into breathtaking icebergs that glide through the glassy waters. Splendid birds circle overhead or amble gingerly on the rocky coasts, including enchanting puffins, regal gyrfalcons and adorable little auks. Along the coast, imposing walruses vie for space with ringed, harp, hooded, harbor and bearded seals, all in competition for the sea’s rich bounty. As you meander these sublime fjords, you’ll be grateful for the privilege to share the exquisite scenery with such glorious creatures.


We enjoyed every minute of our "yacht adventure" and it really is impressive to be addressed by name from the moment we boarded! [...] The crew is really first rate and didn't miss a beat in providing the best service I've ever experienced. Dale WhiteCamarillo, California
This was undoubtedly the best trip my wife and I have ever had. Thank you for this amazing experience. Mr & Mrs Zogbi FilhoSao Paulo, Brazil

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