Mediterranean Destinations

Sisimiut, Greenland

Just a few miles above the Arctic Circle, you’ll find seaside Sisimiut, which fans out on a plain beneath imposing Nasaasaaq mountain. The town’s name translates as “the people at the fox burrows,” an intriguing appellation that alludes to the region’s earliest dwellers. Gain insight at the Sisimiut Museum, whose entrance is reached through a spellbinding whalebone arch. The enlightening exhibits cover four thousand years of history, from artifacts of the ancient Saqqaq peoples to an 18th-century kayak, with an outdoor section that includes a reproduction of a furnished early 20th-century peat house. A stroll around town reveals other compelling historic buildings, such as the 1725 Gammelhusset, or Old House, and the 1775 Bethel Church, an unassuming but highly picturesque sanctuary painted in vivid blue. There are myriad hiking opportunities in the surrounding wilderness, with a standout being the relatively easy ascent of Palasip Qaqqaa Mountain. From the summit, you’ll appreciate extraordinary views of the town and a rugged landscape of winding fjords, wind-swept islands and serrated mountain ranges that dominate the horizon.


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