Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro

Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro

Mar 2, 2022 to Mar 9, 2022

7 Days

SeaDream Innovation


Date Ports of Call Arrive Depart
Mar 02, 2022 Buenos Aires,
2 PM - 4 PM
Mar 03, 2022 Punta del Este,
Early Morning Evening
Mar 04, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 05, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 06, 2022 Paranaguá,
Early Morning Afternoon
Mar 07, 2022 Paraty,
Afternoon Late Evening
Mar 08, 2022 Ilha Grande,
Early Morning Late Evening
Mar 09, 2022 Rio de Janeiro,
Morning 8 AM - 10 AM


  • Buenos Aires

    Few cities in South America can convincingly pass for a European capital, but elegant Buenos Aires certainly fits the bill. With a generous dash of Latin American spirit thrown in, you’ll find the city is a perfect blend of the Old and New Worlds. At elegant Casa Rosada, the seat of Argentina’s government, stand below the balcony where Eva Perón famously spoke to the worshipping masses, and then visit her tomb at the impressive Recoleta Cemetery, a maze of opulent mausoleums reserved for the country’s élite. Fortunately, the city’s greatest pleasures are available to all. It’s hard to go wrong with steak in Buenos Aires, but locals in the know frequent Parrilla Los Cabritos or Don Julio, sipping local Malbec and engaging in lively banter. They also tango at one of the many milongas, or tango gatherings, that take place daily in clubs throughout the city, some of which offer lessons for the amateur hoofer. If you wish to look beyond the urban temptations of Buenos Aires, head out to the legendary plains of Las Pampas and join a gaucho for an invigorating horseback ride through the bucolic landscape.

  • Punta del Este

    Variously compared to glamorous jet-setting destinations around the globe such as Saint-Tropez, the Hamptons and Monaco, luminous Punta del Este nevertheless boasts its own distinctive character. You’ll be drawn to Casapueblo, a fabulous complex of whitewashed buildings cascading toward the sea, a vision conceived by Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró that evokes Santorini with a splash of Gaudí. Art is everywhere in Punta del Este, but a perennial favorite is Mario Irarrázabal’s La Mano, or The Hand, five colossal fingers emerging from the inviting sands of Brava Beach. A few miles offshore, you’ll discover Isla de Lobos, a small islet that manages to play host to the Western Hemisphere’s largest colonies of South American sea lions and fur seals, a truly impressive sight. Traveling up the coast, you’ll find La Barra, a chic resort town blessed with wonderful beaches and a relaxed, authentic feel. On your way, you might cross the remarkable Leonel Viera Bridge, whose undulating shape is one of the region’s most notable feats of engineering. Of course, you can simply spend the day in Punta del Este lounging by the sea and watching the world go by at one of the many excellent beachfront cafés.

  • At Sea

  • Paranaguá

    Nestled beside the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site, lies a charming collection of timeworn buildings known as Paranaguá. Venture across the bay to Ilha do Mel, the most celebrated destination on the coast of Paraná, a tropical island paradise of rocky cliffs and pristine shoreline. Ascend Farol das Conchas, a working whitewashed lighthouse transported to the island from England in the 1800s that has been featured in numerous Brazilian films. From the top, take in panoramic views of Ilha do Mel and its dazzling beaches, a perfect place to savor a sunset. Surf in clear waters among locals or sun yourself on Praia de Fora, the island’s most beautiful sandy stretch. Wave to islanders on bicycles — as no cars or motorcycles are allowed — on your way toward the imposing white walls of the island’s lovingly preserved, centuries-old fortaleza, or fortress. While strolling the grounds, survey the cannons, public rooms and stunning bay vistas. Fall under the spell of the Grutas das Encantadas, a legendary stone cave said to be enchanted by mermaids, mythical denizens of a marvelous island you won’t soon forget.

  • Paraty

    Along the lush Costa Verde sits the charming artist refuge of Paraty, set against a backdrop of tropical forests, mountains and waterfalls. Stroll the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site where brilliant pops of color contrast beautifully with whitewashed buildings and the Portuguese colonial architecture has been largely untouched since the town’s gold rush heyday in the 1700s. During your exploration, sample local delicacies and sip a caipirinha in one of many cafes, perhaps lingering for the live music and dancing after dark. Hop into an open-back Jeep for an adventure into the surrounding Atlantic jungle, where you’ll glimpse a stunning array of waterfalls and, if you wish, plunge into natural pools for a swim under the dense tropical canopy. After a rainforest hike, you’ll be rewarded with the aquamarine waters and linen-white sands of Praia do Sono, one of Brazil’s beach treasures, with calm, clear waters you won’t be able to resist. Before you leave Paraty, browse vibrant art galleries such as Aecio Sarti and take a piece of this captivating town home with you.

  • Ilha Grande

    Two hours from Rio de Janeiro lies an island paradise of sugar-white beaches and Atlantic rainforest. Set off on a walk through thick tropical vegetation, home to small monkeys, sloths and hummingbirds, before luxuriant forest gives way to Praia de Lopes Mendes, considered by some the most beautiful beach in Brazil. Surrounded by stunningly clear sea on one side and rows of tropical palms on the other, this long, wide sandy stretch lapped by green-blue waves is mercifully uncrowded. Shower under a cascade of cooling water at Cachoeira da Feiticeira, the island’s 50-foot waterfall, and dip in its natural pool. Savor a lunch of fresh açaí or coconut before diving into the crystal-clear waters of Lagoa Azul for a swim among brightly-colored fish, coral reefs, and the occasional sea turtle or squid. After an invigorating ascent to Pico do Papagaio, discover a bit of heaven 3,200 feet above the rainforest floor. With no cars and no roads on Ilha Grande, there’s nothing but an endless vista of cobalt sky, jade-green mountains and azure ocean, an unfettered look at Brazilian paradise.

  • Rio de Janeiro

    Feel the beating pulse of this stunning world-class metropolis, filled with UNESCO World Heritage treasures, as you explore its side-by-side urban and natural wonders. Hop a cable car and rise 1,300 feet above the city to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain for dazzling, panoramic views of Rio’s forest-covered hills and mountains, high-rises and favelas, legendary sandy stretches and sapphire sea. Revel in the unparalleled beauty of Ipanema and Copacabana, beaches that handily earn the renown of their timeless namesake songs and feature some of the best people-watching in the world. Marvel at the exceptional, neo-futurist Museum of Tomorrow, with its remarkable eco features, and explore the 8,000-plus acre Tijuca National Park, the largest urban rainforest on the planet. In the Jardim Botânico, 350 acres of natural splendor, encounter toucans, tortoises, sloths and 9,000 exotic plant species including Amazonian lily ponds and towering imperial palms. After wandering the brightly-colored Lapa neighborhood, where infectiously rhythmic samba pairs perfectly with a refreshing caipirinha, make your way to Christ the Redeemer, symbol of Rio and a shining monument to this extraordinary city.

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The best trip I ever had. I used to be in the travel business for 23 years, traveled on other cruise lines – this was the BEST! Mrs Taunia RichardsonAnderson, South Carolina
Another great trip with SeaDream. We so enjoyed the service & attention to detail. Sara JohnLos Angeles, California