Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon

Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon

Mar 9, 2022 to Mar 28, 2022

19 Days

SeaDream Innovation


Date Ports of Call Arrive Depart
Mar 09, 2022 Rio de Janeiro,
2 PM - 4 PM
Late Evening
Mar 10, 2022 Búzios,
Morning Evening
Mar 11, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 12, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 13, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 14, 2022 Recife,
Morning Evening
Mar 15, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 16, 2022 Fernando de Noronha,
Morning Evening
Mar 17, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 18, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 19, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 20, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 21, 2022 Praia,
Cape Verde
Morning Afternoon
Mar 22, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 23, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 24, 2022 Tenerife, Canary Islands,
Morning Afternoon
Mar 25, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 26, 2022 Casablanca,
Morning Evening
Mar 27, 2022 At Sea,
Mar 28, 2022 Lisbon,
Morning 8 AM - 10 AM


  • Rio de Janeiro

    Feel the beating pulse of this stunning world-class metropolis, filled with UNESCO World Heritage treasures, as you explore its side-by-side urban and natural wonders. Hop a cable car and rise 1,300 feet above the city to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain for dazzling, panoramic views of Rio’s forest-covered hills and mountains, high-rises and favelas, legendary sandy stretches and sapphire sea. Revel in the unparalleled beauty of Ipanema and Copacabana, beaches that handily earn the renown of their timeless namesake songs and feature some of the best people-watching in the world. Marvel at the exceptional, neo-futurist Museum of Tomorrow, with its remarkable eco features, and explore the 8,000-plus acre Tijuca National Park, the largest urban rainforest on the planet. In the Jardim Botânico, 350 acres of natural splendor, encounter toucans, tortoises, sloths and 9,000 exotic plant species including Amazonian lily ponds and towering imperial palms. After wandering the brightly-colored Lapa neighborhood, where infectiously rhythmic samba pairs perfectly with a refreshing caipirinha, make your way to Christ the Redeemer, symbol of Rio and a shining monument to this extraordinary city.

  • Búzios

    Nicknamed the Saint-Tropez of Brazil, this former sleepy fishing village became a fashionable beach destination after French model and actress Brigitte Bardot vacationed here in the 1960s. One of the most beloved resort towns on the 200-mile stretch of Brazil’s Costa do Sol, Búzios boasts 23 sensational beaches and is one of the balmier locales in all of Brazil — even in winter. Bask in the sun at tucked-away Praia Joao Fernandinho, where tranquil, transparent aquamarine waters are ideal for a swim, snorkeling or paddle boarding. Back in town, stroll the Rua das Pedras, the best place to eat, drink and shop, with a charming European feel that recalls the town’s Portuguese colonial past. While away an afternoon at Rocka Beach Lounge, perched on a hillside over the emerald waters of Praia Brava and serving some of the region’s most creative seafood dishes. Stroll the soft sands of Praia da Tartaruga and stay for the sunset, the perfect end to a restorative day in Búzios.

  • At Sea

  • Recife

    Named for the reef that protects this cosmopolitan coastal city and dubbed the “Venice of Brazil” for the inlets and canals that crisscross the city, Recife enjoys year-round temperatures in the 80s, splendid for reveling in its many dazzling beaches. Praia Boa Viagem, its most famous sandy stretch, spans seven miles of golden sand and cerulean surf. Lining Boa Viagem is an upscale district with outstanding bars and restaurants, the place to see and be seen as you samba the night away. Recife is also blessed with culture, from the Museum of Modern Art Aloisio Magalhães to the Ricardo Brennand Institute, an imposing castle estate that holds a staggering collection of swords, suits of armor and other knightly paraphernalia. Mere miles north of Recife lies Olinda, a living museum of an oceanside town whose historic center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll step back in time as you meander the lanes of this remarkably preserved colonial Portuguese city, with its many vibrant pastel houses, Baroque churches and airy gardens.

  • Fernando de Noronha

    This volcanic archipelago, comprised of 21 islands and named a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of Brazil’s true natural utopias. Only four praias in Brazil have been honored with a coveted five-star rating from the country’s official guide to beaches, and three of them are found here. Marvel at the translucent quality of the warm, blue-green waters, with visibility to nearly 100 feet, making it an ideal place to snorkel among rays, sea turtles, reef sharks and dolphins. For views of Fernando de Noronha’s environmental wonders, sail around the archipelago’s rocky capes and into its sun-bathed coves. Survey the island’s undeveloped shores, framed by impressive, towering rocky peaks, and relish three magnificent stretches of dove-white sand, Praia do Leão, Praia do Sancho and Baia dos Porcos, celebrated for their turquoise waters and picture-perfect setting. Explore the island and its tropical wildlife in a rented dune buggy and finish the day at Beach Boldró with a sunset some have declared the most beautiful in the world.

  • Praia

    Gain an unfiltered perspective on daily life in the gorgeous Cape Verde archipelago during a visit to the capital of Praia, which hugs a protected bay on the island of Santiago. Just above the port, you’ll find the Plateau district, an attractive collection of 19th-century historic homes, tidy parks and public buildings, as well as an impressive statue of Diogo Gomes, the Portuguese navigator credited with discovering the island. To intermingle with locals, browse the goods at the Sucupira Market, a colorful riot of fruit, vegetables and an array of African goods. Explore the oldest European colonial settlement in the tropics, Cidade Velha, established by the Portuguese in 1462 and still retaining exceptional features from the era, such as a fort, churches and a quaint square, which have earned it UNESCO World Heritage site designation. If you head to the center of Santiago, you’ll encounter a gorgeous panorama of jagged mountains carpeted with emerald-green vegetation. Continuing further north, pass banana plantations and charming villages before reaching Serra Malagueta National Park, where hiking trails lead to overlooks affording incredible vistas of the island.

  • Tenerife, Canary Islands

    Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands, Spain. Tenerife also boasts the highest elevation of Spain, and has been awarded World Heritage Site status. It happens to be the third largest volcano in the world from its base, El Teide at more than 12,000 ft/ 3,660 m. The island's capital contains the architectural symbol of the Canary Islands, the modern Auditorio de Tenerife. Hugely popular, Tenerife, has both flat areas (covered with banana plantations) and mountainous areas. Santa Cruz is where you'll find a wide variety of shopping opportunities and fascinating architecture. If golf is your game, the island offers eight championship courses to choose from. The yacht docks at the commercial pier and guests have some nice land adventures to choose from. If this happens to be your embarkation point, we can happily provide transfer information for you.

  • Casablanca

    The name Casablanca can’t help but conjure romance, and you’ll be glad to learn that this reputation is rightly earned. Stroll among the locals in expansive Mohammed V Square, which is ringed by regal buildings melding French colonial, Moorish and art deco influences, all anchored by an exuberant fountain. The French influence is also felt in the 1930s Habous District, a delightful jumble of streets peppered with bustling souks, handsome mosques and ornate archways. Gaze in awe at the Hassan II Mosque, whose soaring minaret is said to be the world’s tallest. A bit further south lies the Portuguese City of Mazagan, a UNESCO World Heritage site recognized for its beautifully preserved Renaissance military construction. Walk along the ramparts for terrific views of the sea and then descend into the colonnaded cisterns, where shafts of light shining from above contribute to the immensely atmospheric experience. Heading north, the glorious Andalusian Gardens of Rabat astound with gorgeous grounds landscaped in a quintessentially Moorish style. Don’t leave Casablanca without sampling a contemporary twist on a classic tagine in the hip Gauthier Quarter, a perfect embodiment of the city’s ardent love affair with both past and future.

  • Lisbon

    Lisbon is the capital as well as the largest city in Portugal. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. Lisbon has two sites listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Sites: Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery. The city stretches along the banks of the Tejo river. This is primarily an embark/debark port of call for SeaDream.

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