Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq

Jul 27, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

14 Days

SeaDream Innovation


Sail to Heimaey, the largest of the Westman Islands just off the southern coast of Iceland. Navigate the Prince Christian Sound, one of Greenland’s most beautiful waterways. Discover the fascinating history and natural beauty of Greenland. This voyage is ideal for adventurous travelers seeking to go where few have gone before. 

Date Ports of Call Arrive Depart
Jul 27, 2022 Reykjavik,
2 PM - 4 PM
Jul 28, 2022 Heimaey,
Early Morning Evening
Jul 29, 2022 At Sea,
Jul 30, 2022 Angmassalik,
Early Morning Afternoon
Jul 31, 2022 Skjoldungen,
Early Morning Evening
Aug 01, 2022 Prins Christianssund,
Morning Late Evening
Aug 02, 2022 Qaqortoq,
Early Morning Late Evening
Aug 03, 2022 Qassiarsuk,
Early Morning Evening
Aug 04, 2022 At Sea,
Aug 05, 2022 Nuuk,
Early Morning Evening
Aug 06, 2022 Kangaamiut,
Early Morning Afternoon
Aug 07, 2022 Disko Bay (Ilulissat),
Afternoon Late Evening
Aug 08, 2022 Disko Bay (Eqip Sermia),
Early Morning Evening
Aug 09, 2022 At Sea,
Aug 10, 2022 Kangerlussuaq,
Morning 8 AM - 10 AM


  • Reykjavik

    Welcome to the vibrant capital of Iceland, a cosmopolitan city and an inviting haven found amid some of the world’s most dramatic scenery. Towering above the skyline, the remarkable Hallgrímskirkja church echoes the geometry of basalt columns, whereas the angular Harpa Concert Hall dazzles with its countless faceted glass panels. In the National Museum of Iceland, examine an enthralling collection of artifacts tracing over 1,200 years of history, including the treasured 13th-century Valþjófsstaður door, whose intricate carvings depict the slaying of a dragon. The Perlan Museum offers the compelling opportunity to wander through a faithful recreation of an ice cave among its many fascinating exhibits. Gaze at the iconic Sun Voyager sculpture, an evocative take on a Viking longship, and in Árbæjarsafn meander through a recreated Icelandic village that brings pre-modern Reykjavik to life. The bucolic island of Viðey is home to Yoko Ono’s renowned Imagine Peace Tower, beams of light sent skyward, and offers the chance to see delightful puffins in the wild. In the countryside, marvel at spectacular waterfalls such as Seljalandsfoss and Gullfoss, one of the most photographed places in Iceland. A visit to the famed Blue Lagoon is almost de rigueur, geothermically heated waters rich in minerals that provide the perfect balm for the adventurous traveler.

  • Heimaey

    Just off the southern coast of Iceland, the Westman Islands dot waters teeming with humpback, minke and killer whales. The largest among them, Heimaey is an emerald bowl punctuated by Eldfell Volcano, which erupted as recently as 1973. Lace up your hiking boots for an ascent to the 725-foot-high peak, which offers unparalleled views over the entire island. In the Eldheimar Museum, dive into absorbing details about the eruption and also learn about the nearby island of Surtsey, which formed in 1963 due to undersea volcanic activity and is a scientifically invaluable UNESCO World Heritage site. During your wanderings, it’s likely you’ll come across vividly beaked puffins, as about half of Iceland’s specimens of this enchanting bird are found on the Westman Islands. Against a backdrop of precipitous lava cliffs, visit the spartan yet beautiful Heimaey Stave Church, a replica of one built in Norway in the year 1,170 and a gift from the Scandinavian country to Iceland. Stroll the picturesque harbor, where excellent seafood restaurants offer phenomenal views of turf-capped rocky outcroppings and delicious local dishes such as the Icelandic stew known as plokkfiskur.

  • At Sea

  • Angmassalik

  • Skjoldungen

  • Prins Christianssund

    This winding channel, which slices off the bottom tip of Greenland, owes its Western name to a 19th-century Danish prince. However, the Greenlandic name of Ikerasassuaq, which translates to “long channel,” seems more appropriate, as the astonishing sound stretches for approximately 66 miles. During your leisurely passage, you’ll enjoy a visually dazzling journey between jagged, striated mountains that plunge into startingly blue-green waters. Where soil has accumulated, vividly hued grasses and lichens have taken hold, contrasting dramatically with the granite gray and icy whites of the surrounding scenery. Occasionally, a glacier emerges from the rock walls, calving colossal icebergs into the sound. Marvel at these astoundingly shaped ice sculptures, whose coloration varies from pure white to shades of emerald and electric blue. As you pass the tiny village of Aappilattoq and its cheerfully painted houses, you might be amazed to learn residents live here year-round. Nevertheless, you’ll agree that the undeniable beauty and majesty of Prince William Sound is as inspiring a place to call home as anyone could wish for.

  • Qaqortoq

    Located amid southern Greenland’s tangle of fjords and interconnected waterways, the welcoming city of Qaqortoq spreads out on a gentle slope beside the sea. Despite having a modest population that hovers just over 3,000, it is one of the largest settlements in Greenland. Colorfully painted buildings dot a landscape that bursts into vivid greens during the reasonably mild summers, allowing for easy exploration on foot. During your wanderings, you’ll likely come across some of the dozens of carvings etched by several artists into boulders and rock faces, a fascinating open-air exhibition known as Stone and Man. Visit the Qaqortoq Museum for insight into the area’s Norse past and to view a collection of traditional artifacts such as Inuit canoes and harpoons. The 1832 Vor Frelsers Kirke, or Church of Our Savior, is a wonderfully photogenic deep-red structure, while further into the fjord, the remains of the 14th-century Hvalsey Church stand out superbly against the stark landscape. Surrounded by wildflowers, dip into the soothing hot springs at nearby Uunartoq, a perfect spot from which to watch impressive icebergs, and perhaps kayakers, slowly float by.

  • Qassiarsuk

    Over a millennia ago, Icelander Erik the Red reached the bay where Qassiarsuk is found today, thrilled to discover a lush countryside of rolling fields blanketed in grass. This evocative landscape, where sheep farming is conducted almost exactly as it has been for centuries, received UNESCO World Heritage site designation for its unique cultural importance. While wandering the picture-perfect setting, you’ll come across vivid patches of yellow and purple wildflowers, and if you’re lucky, catch the glint of a crystal lodged into the area’s rock formations. Visit reminders of the earliest settlers, including reconstructions of a Viking longhouse and Thjodhild’s church, whose roof is picturesquely covered in turf. You can also enter a traditional Viking dwelling, which seems to be built directly into a mound of earth and grass. Partway up a hill overlooking the town, a statue dedicated to Leif Erikson, son of Erik, honors the accomplishments of the fearless explorer, whose journey to the American continent predated Columbus’ by nearly five centuries. From here, you’ll enjoy phenomenal views of the glittering bay and the scattered homes of marvelous Qassiarsuk.

  • Nuuk

    Welcome to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland and its largest city. As such, it is home to several eminent cultural institutions, including the National Museum of Greenland, where priceless artifacts trace over 4,500 years of Norse and Inuit history. While admiring the cheerfully colored buildings found along the waterfront, you’ll notice a house built in 1728 by Hans Egede, one of the area’s first Danish settlers, whose statue crowns a nearby promontory. In the Nuuk Art Museum, examine terrific paintings by Emanuel A. Petersen, a 20th-century artist committed to representing the peoples and landscapes of Greenland. A journey by boat or kayak into the surrounding complex of fjords takes you beside mammoth icebergs, melting-ice waterfalls and even past breaching humpback whales. Climb up the nearby mountain of Quassussuaq, or Little Malene, for awe-inspiring views over the web of waterways and mountains encircling Nuuk, and then warm up with a visit to one of the city’s cozy cafés, where a local favorite is coffee infused with whiskey, Kahlua, Grand Marnier and a dollop of whipped cream. A legend accompanies this bracing libation, but you’ll need to ask a local for the beguiling details.

  • Kangaamiut

  • Disko Bay (Ilulissat)

  • Disko Bay (Eqip Sermia)

  • Kangerlussuaq

    Lying at the inland terminus of a lengthy fjord with the same name, Kangerlussuaq provides ready access to Greenland’s immense ice sheet. The town’s economy centers on the airport, which was built by U.S. forces during WWII and is the largest in Greenland. The absorbing Kangerlussuaq Museum, found in buildings that were once part of the American base, details the airport’s unique role during the global conflict and the subsequent Cold War. The town’s main attraction, however, is undoubtedly Greenland’s magnificent ice sheet, which is only a few miles away. As you travel through the frigid hinterlands, be on the lookout for the region’s abundant musk ox and caribou, which flock to the rivers and lakes strewn about the landscape. You’ll be humbled by the nearly 200-foot-high wall of the Russell Glacier, a living mass of frozen water that advances nearly 100 feet every year and regularly shaves off huge sections of its icy façade. If you’re curious about what lies beyond, book a sightseeing flight for an unforgettable bird’s-eye view over one of the world’s largest Arctic expanses.

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