Hong Kong to Bangkok

Oct 2, 2022 to Oct 14, 2022

12 Days

SeaDream Innovation


Let Vietnam’s towering limestone pillars of Ha Long Bay welcome you to Southeast Asia. Visit Ho Chi Minh City’s Ben Thanh authentic market perfect for trying local food. Relax on Thailand’s idyllic beaches lapped by crystal clear waters. Finally, discover Bangkok’s traditional golden temples and palaces.

Date Ports of Call Arrive Depart
Oct 02, 2022 Hong Kong,
2 PM - 4 PM
Oct 03, 2022 Hong Kong,
Oct 04, 2022 At Sea,
Oct 05, 2022 Ha Long Bay,
Morning Overnight
Oct 06, 2022 Ha Long Bay,
Oct 07, 2022 Hue,
Morning Evening
Oct 08, 2022 At Sea,
Oct 09, 2022 Ho Chi Minh City,
Morning Late Evening
Oct 10, 2022 At Sea,
Oct 11, 2022 Sihanoukville,
Early Morning Late Evening
Oct 12, 2022 Ko Kut,
Morning Afternoon
Oct 13, 2022 Bangkok,
Morning Overnight
Oct 14, 2022 Bangkok,
Morning 8 AM - 10 AM


  • Hong Kong

    The most striking visual aspect of Hong Kong is its skyscrapers, more than 300 of them. For the best view head to “The Peak,” traveling by tram up the steep slope. The panorama from the top – the busy harbor, forest of high-rises, and green hills beyond – is spectacular. The deep waters of Victoria Harbor that separate Hong Kong Island from Kowloon on the mainland are the reason for Hong Kong’s success. Traces of old Hong Kong can be found beneath the towers in the Central district, seat of government and finance. There are many boutiques carrying designer brands, but also small markets and eateries hidden in the alleyways to discover. Numerous Buddhist and Daoist temples and monasteries, some centuries old, are scattered around the city. Anything and everything is available in Hong Kong’s shops, and its street markets are a cultural phenomenon that’s fun to observe, even if you don’t buy anything. Practice your bargaining skills at the Ladies Market, with over 100 stalls selling bargain clothing and accessories, and Stanley Market, a warren of clothing and handicrafts stands. Food is also a favorite pastime for the locals. A favorite tradition is joining family and friends for dim sum. This small plate dining is fun, delicious, and a cultural experience.

  • At Sea

  • Ha Long Bay

    Ha Long Bay is a wonderland of towering limestone pillars and islets strewn across the jade green waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. For 500 million years these mountains have risen and eroded, sculpted into fantastical shapes by the whims of wind and the encroaching sea. It is possible to visit the islands by sailing junk or paddle yourself by kayak into hidden lagoons and grottos to explore huge stalactite and stalagmite-adorned caverns, some of them superbly illuminated. Of course lazing on a beautiful beach refreshed by a dip in bay is also a popular pastime. Get a feel for the local culture with a visit to a floating village. These previously populated small, self-sufficient communities consisted of boats and houseboats lashed together and included shops, schools, and other public services. Due to tightening of environmental restrictions only four villages remain. And though no one lives there full time, the locals still pursue their traditional trades on the bay, including fishing and pearl processing. In Cát Bà National Park there are hiking trails where the park denizens can be spotted. Deer, civet cats and macaques live here, as do the last 65 remaining golden-headed langurs, the world’s most endangered primates.

  • Hue

    Danang has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Walk along the white sand beaches which are now lined with modern hotels and brought with them a revolution in fine dining. Skyscrapers are changing the view, towering over handsome old pagodas and French colonial buildings. The city’s centerpiece is the state-of-the-art Dragon Bridge, golden and complete with head and tail. The nearby Marble Mountains are named for the five elements in ancient oriental philosophy: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Explore the interesting caves and tunnels within these sharp limestone pinnacles. On the banks of the Perfume River, the ancient city of Hue was the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802, when the clan established control over the whole of Vietnam, to 1945, when France took over. Scattered throughout the area are palaces, temples, gardens, and tombs, many of them UNESCO World Heritage sites. Highlights include a walkway of 80 carved red and gold lacquer pillars; the mausoleum of Tu Duc, on a lake surrounded by greenery; and the Ghost City, a cemetery of ornate tombs incorporating Buddhist and Christian iconography. Though the area was severely damaged during the wars of the 20th century, restoration is ongoing.

  • Ho Chi Minh City

    This high-energy center of commerce and culture is on the move; you can feel the buzz of Saigon just walking down the street. Trendy designer malls co-exist with traditional marketplaces and looming skyscrapers hover over ancient alleyways and colorful temples, a seamless flow between then and now. One of the most elaborately ornamented temples is Phuoc An Hoi Quan, with immense spiral incense coils hanging from the ceiling. Ben Thanh is the city’s largest and most authentic market, a great place to mix with the locals and munch street-style local food. Bargaining is part of the experience. The fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels were built by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. Invisible from above, they were not just an extensive network of underground pathways, but housed living space and everything from hospitals to weapons factories. Sophisticated bars and eateries abound. The most historic spot is Saigon Saigon at the Caravelle Hotel overlooking the main square. Sip a drink on the terrace as Western journalists did during the conflict. And don’t leave the country without slurping Pho, the noodle soup that is Vietnam’s most famous culinary export.

  • Sihanoukville

    Sihanoukville was carved out of the jungle in the 1950’s to create Cambodia’s first and only deep-water port and expand international trade. A city only since 1964, it is busy establishing itself as resort destination with much to recommend it: powdery golden beaches, coral reefs for snorkeling and Scuba, a mangrove reserve for quiet walks and boat tours, as well as marlin and barracuda fishing. It is also a gateway to Siem Reap and the celebrated temples of Angkor, the vast complex of stone structures including Angkor Wat. Designed after Indian temples, its central towers represent the peaks that serve as the home of the gods, and its surrounding walls portray the earth, with moats and pools as the oceans. Intricate carving is everywhere. Angkor Thom was once an immense walled city, with the pyramid temple of Bayon at its heart. Here the towers are topped by 200 huge faces, each with just a hint of a Mona Lisa smile. Some of the most beautiful and mysterious temples are those like Ta Phrom, unrestored and overgrown by jungle creepers and fig trees. Also accessible from Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, with its park lined waterfront, ornate royal palace and Silver Pagoda.

  • Ko Kut

    The term idyllic might have been coined to describe the island of Ko Kut, with a coastline of silken sand beaches lapped by crystal clear waters and an interior of pristine rainforest. There are no towns on the island – only seaside fishing villages and coconut plantations. The population is approximately 2,000. Snorkeling and kayaking are the main pastimes, though pure relaxation is also very popular. Scuba dive amidst sea horses, turtles, stingrays, barracudas and a variety of small fish. Kayak through the mangrove-lined river estuary or fish out of sheltered bays. Head inland to the jungle clad mountains in search of the Makka trees, two massive banyans hundreds of years old. Then refresh in one of the mountain waterfalls, with pools for swimming. If you work up an appetite, you can find fresh seafood in one of the fishing villages.

  • Bangkok

    Thailand’s capital has a split personality. Traditional golden temples and dazzling palaces reside side-by-side with high-rise towers. Modern shopping malls and restaurants compete with open-air markets and street-food stalls. On main roads and sidewalks everyone is in a hurry; for a different vibe, turn off on one of the tiny lanes called sois. The brightly colored Grand Palace, a fantasy in golden spires, encompasses many buildings, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, spiritual core of Thai Buddhism. The image itself is just over two feet tall and is actually carved from jade. Two other significant temples are Wat Po, site of a massive reclining Buddha, and Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. The Chao Phraya River is the city’s heart, best investigated by long tail boat along with the adjoining canals where Thais live in stilted wooden homes. Bangkok’s markets are a highlight – some float, with vendors hawking fruits, vegetables and noodles ready to eat from small boats. At the massive covered Weekend Market, thousands of vendors peddle virtually everything – from antiques and handy crafts, flowers and fabrics, to spices and even pets. Also everything eatable you can possibly imagine, including tempting snacks to keep up your energy.

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