Auckland to Christchurch (Lyttleton)

Dec 8, 2022 to Dec 18, 2022

10 Days

SeaDream Innovation


Vibrant cities, wineries and the outdoors are all part of the New Zealand experience. New Zealand truly has it all. Be amazed by the breathtaking volcanic landscape of White Island. Be energized by Wellington’s cosmopolitan setting.  Connect with wildlife and wilderness in Stewart Island. 

Date Ports of Call Arrive Depart
Dec 08, 2022 Auckland,
New Zealand
2 PM - 4 PM
Late Evening
Dec 09, 2022 White Island,
New Zealand
Morning Afternoon
Dec 10, 2022 Napier,
New Zealand
Morning Afternoon
Dec 11, 2022 Wellington,
New Zealand
Morning Late Evening
Dec 12, 2022 Picton,
New Zealand
Morning Evening
Dec 13, 2022 Kaikoura,
New Zealand
Morning Evening
Dec 14, 2022 Akaroa,
New Zealand
Morning Evening
Dec 15, 2022 Dunedin,
New Zealand
Morning Evening
Dec 16, 2022 Oban, Stewart Island,
New Zealand
Morning Late Evening
Dec 17, 2022 At Sea,
Dec 18, 2022 Christchurch (Lyttleton),
New Zealand
Morning 8 AM - 10 AM


  • Auckland

    Enveloped around a glittering protected bay, New Zealand’s largest city is blessed with a natural setting as spectacular as its skyline. Superb cultural institutions are sprinkled throughout, including the illuminating New Zealand Maritime Museum Hui Te Ananui A Tangaroa, which traces the maritime history of Auckland from its first Polynesian settlers to recent yacht racing victories. Visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum, housed in an imposing neoclassical structure, and study invaluable national treasures including an extensive collection of Maori artifacts. From the summit of Mount Eden, Maungawhau in Maori, absorb panoramas of the city and bay while standing on the rim of an extinct crater. Nearby islands also warrant exploration, including the dormant volcanic cone of Rangitoto Island, now covered in a lush forest, and Tiritiri Matangi Island, a wildlife sanctuary where threatened species of birds and reptiles thrive. On the country’s west coast, just a few miles away, alluring black-sand Piha Beach fascinates with striking volcanic formations such as commanding Lion Rock. Rise above it all at Auckland’s soaring Sky Tower, where you can take in 360-degree views of the city and watch thrill-seekers leap off on bungee cords.

  • White Island

    Known as Te Puia o Whakaari by the Maori, which translates as “The Dramatic Volcano,” the crater of White Island has been continuously active at least since it was first documented by Captain Cook on October 1, 1769. Its name may refer to the plumes of smoke emanating from multiple vents, or perhaps to the guano that once covered large swaths of the island, but in reality the dominant hues of this restive giant are earthy. When you get closer, however, you’ll quickly notice the acidic mustards, oranges and ochres of the sulfur that seeps out from beneath the surface. Donning hard hats and gas masks, step into the wide crater and walk across a landscape ripped from the latest sci-fi film. Gaze in awe at boiling mud pits, scalding streams and geothermal steam vents that endlessly cough up smoke, and wonder at a murky chartreuse lake with water as corrosive as battery acid. Discover the ghostly remains of a sulfur mining operation, abandoned since 1914 and a transfixing reminder that mankind doesn’t always have dominion over nature.

  • Napier

    Almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1931, Napier was rebuilt during the art deco movement and today boasts one of the world’s best-preserved districts in this iconic style. Take a guided tour or simply stroll on your own past enchanting buildings that evoke the great ocean liners of the early 20th century. The city wraps around a dramatic rocky bluff that juts out to sea, with lookouts offering far-reaching views over the town and its radiant bay. In the National Aquarium of New Zealand, feel as if you’re walking along the bottom of the sea at the Oceanarium, a nearly 400,000-gallon tank that features a see-through tunnel. Experience an ancient Maori settlement at the Otatara Pa Historic Reserve, where remains of traditional dwellings, archaeological finds and age-old fortifications impart fascinating insight into New Zealand’s early inhabitants. Just a few miles outside of town, a staggering 71 vineyards are accessible by road and also by bike trails, allowing for a day of exploration in the bucolic countryside punctuated with stops at celebrated wineries that specialize in the region’s luscious syrahs and chardonnays.

  • Wellington

    Wellington may just be one of the world’s most accessible capital cities, with many of its enthralling attractions easily reachable on foot. The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa will enrich your understanding of this beautiful country and its intriguing Maori heritage. At the city’s exceptional Botanic Garden, roam through nearly 65 acres of native landscapes, formal gardens and a fabulous collection of 3,000 roses. Experience an even deeper connection with nature at Zealandia, a protected ecosystem that aims to turn back the clock to a time before humans colonized the area, providing sanctuary to endangered and rare species such as the little spotted kiwi and the tuatara lizard. Enjoy sweeping views of the city from the lookout atop Mount Victoria or from the hillside district of Kelburn, reachable via the historic Wellington Cable Car, a memorable ride in itself. A bit further north, the charming town of Martinborough is known for its excellent wineries, which specialize in fruity yet balanced pinot noirs. Mix with the locals on the pedestrian-friendly Wellington Waterfront or on bohemian Cuba Street, an eclectic assortment of coffee shops, galleries, restaurants and quirky art installations, a lively gathering place for locals and visitors both day and night.

  • Picton

    Sail into the breathtaking Marlborough Sounds, irregular mountainous valleys that were overtaken by the sea around 10,000 years ago, and alight in the wonderful port of Picton. Nestled in a snug bay hugged by tree-covered peaks, this breezy town is set in one of the most picturesque locations in New Zealand. Kayak along the stunning coastline, weaving in and out of cozy bays lined with dense vegetation, perhaps catching sight of playful dolphins and orcas skimming past. The underwater wreck of the Russian cruise ship MS Mikhail Lermontov, which sank in 1986, provides the unique opportunity to dive into the remains of a modern vessel. Bike or trek a portion of the outstanding Queen Charlotte Track, a 44-mile path that winds through temperate rainforests and rewards hikers with spectacular views of the surrounding waterways. Aircraft enthusiasts will appreciate the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center, an incredible collection of WWI and WWII aircraft owned by acclaimed director Peter Jackson, best known for his Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Of course, no visit to the Marlborough region is complete without experiencing its world-class sauvignon blanc, which you can sample during an enjoyable tour of a celebrated winery.

  • Kaikoura

    Where New Zealand’s snow-capped Southern Alps come to meet the Pacific Ocean, nature has conspired to bring about something truly magical. Colossal sperm whales ply these waters year-round, and humpback, blue, pilot and southern right wales pass by seasonally, a glorious spectacle almost on perpetual display. Spirited dolphins are also permanent residents, happy to interact with you during a snorkeling excursion. Take a scenic walk along the spectacular Kaikoura Peninsula and meet a thriving colony of fur seals, whose pups enchant with their large, inquisitive eyes. On a verdant meadow beside the windswept shoreline, the 19th-century Fyffe House is a remarkable reminder of austere times, when scarcity of materials led the builders to creatively use whalebones for the foundations. At the Lavendyl Lavender Farm, wander through softly-hued fields and discover how this delicate plant is distilled into essential oils, skin creams, hair products, honey and other fragrant creations, which you can browse in a quaint cottage. When you’ve built up your appetite, seek out some local crayfish, as spiny lobster is called here, a local delicacy that is expertly prepared in Kaikoura. No matter where your explorations take you, the majestic mountains will be your faithful companion, an inspiring panorama to cherish forever.

  • Akaroa

    As you float into sparkling Akaroa Harbour, the gentle mountains of the Banks Peninsula rising from every shore, keep your eyes trained on the water for Hector’s dolphins, which are distinguished by their unusual rounded dorsal fin. The enchanting village of Akaroa is hidden in a quiet bay, which belies the fact that a mighty volcano stood here millions of years ago. As New Zealand’s only historic French settlement, Akaroa has a unique atmosphere and a captivating heritage best experienced with a knowledgeable guide dressed in period attire. Explore the hills and valleys of the Misty Peak Reserve, where you’ll be regaled with a picturesque waterfall and sublime views that stretch for miles. Opportunities to view wildlife abound, including visits to a fur seal colony as well as encounters with endearing white-flippered penguins and little blue penguins. After an invigorating kayak adventure skirting the unspoiled coastline, you can indulge in the sophisticated pinots and chardonnays of the French Peak Wines vineyard and the creamy, handcrafted delicacies of Barrys Bay Cheese.

  • Dunedin

    Arriving to Dunedin by sea is a delight, as your ship courses through a beautiful, 15-mile-long narrow bay known as Otago Harbour. Encircling the bay’s western end, historic Dunedin is flecked with a multitude of gracious buildings that harken back to its glory days in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tour the 1907 Olveston House, an elegant Jacobean-style manor with 35 period-furnished rooms, or the magnificent 1874 Larnach Castle, a crenellated estate surrounded by superlative gardens. The elaborate Dunedin Railway Station, a feast for the eyes, is referred to as the Gingerbread House for its delightful Renaissance Revival flourishes. Get up close to the region’s enthralling wildlife at the Royal Albatross Centre and at Penguin Place, where the endangered yellow-eyed penguin is sheltered on conservation lands. Aboard the Taieri Gorge Railway, relax in a vintage train car as you wind through a breathtaking backdrop of rushing rivers, plunging valleys, mountain tunnels and countless bridges, including the 1887 Wingatui Viaduct, one of the world’s largest wrought iron structures. Back in town, book a street art tour and marvel at the creativity of artists that turn undistinguished walls into fantastic murals several stories high.

  • Oban, Stewart Island

    Oban is the main settlement on sparsely inhabited Stewart Island, which despite being New Zealand’s third largest island is only about 45 miles long. The town’s setting couldn’t be more picturesque, a bay ringed by several sandy inlets separated by tree-covered headlands. You can spend a marvelous day wandering from beach to beach along the Rakiura Track, one of New Zealand’s extraordinary Great Walks, perhaps delving into the lush national park that occupies four fifths of the island. Many visitors come to Stewart Island with the explicit goal of encountering the country’s national bird, the elusive kiwi. Best seen early in the morning or at twilight, you’ll increase your chances of a sighting on Ulva Island, a wildlife sanctuary where you can also observe other gorgeous avian specimens including South Island saddlebacks, mohuas, kakarikis, albatross and even penguins. For a unique experience, book a coveted spot for a workshop with the master jeweler at Rakiura Jade and relish an opportunity to carve your very own pendant out of greenstone, considered an invaluable treasure by the Maori.

  • At Sea

  • Christchurch (Lyttleton)

    Struck by an earthquake in 2011, the vibrant city of Christchurch has bounced back more energized than ever. You’ll drop anchor in the adjacent port of Lyttelton, a bohemian town with a lively arts scene and charming hillside homes. Ascend the gondola to Mount Cavendish for a terrific panorama of both Christchurch and Lyttelton as well as a stunning coastal landscape of precipitous cliffs and pebbly bays. While in the Port Hills, take advantage of numerous trails leading to overlooks including Godley Head, site of a WWII battery. In the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, a beloved city landmark since 1863, walk through exquisite grounds showcasing colorful flowers, native trees and glass conservatories. Glide over the Avon River on a boat guided by a punter in Edwardian attire, a wonderful conveyance in which to absorb the bucolic scenery. At the Riccarton House, immerse yourself further in the graceful Edwardian and Victorian eras while touring a sumptuous estate and its grounds. Back in Lyttelton, visit the Timeball Station, a castle-like building designed to keep Greenwich Mean Time that was destroyed by the earthquake and recently rebuilt, a testament to the inspiring tenacity of the Kiwis.

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