Yachting Land Adventure

The Dazzling White Villages of Sifnos

Do not miss this opportunity to discover the charming main villages of Si­fnos Island, the famous and idyllic Chrysopigi Monastery, and to enjoy the beauty of the island. We hope you will "tear" yourself away from the beach or our water sports platform to see all that this favorite island of ours has to offer. This guided, and for the most part walking tour, through the cobblestone village paths will bring you close to the interesting history of the island and show you all the many sites you are likely to miss on your own. The order of the villages visit will depend on the port selected by your Captain but will include the following. The monastery of Panayia Chrysopigi, the protectress of the island and unique symbol of Sifnos. A monastery famous for its architecture and location built on a rocky promontory, it is cut off from the mainland by a narrow strip of sea and was built in 1650. It is the most visited monument on the island, as much for the beauty of the site as for the peaceful atmosphere of this tranquil location. We know you have seen churches before but this one is very much worth a visit. As you travel through the interior of the island, pass through the ancient terraces that make up the landscape of Sifnos. Almost everywhere along the way you'll discover small brilliant white churches with blue domes. There are more than 370 small idyllic churches scattered throughout this small island with a history that goes back 4000 years. It was from this small island that the world famous Sifnian Treasure, now housed in the Delphi Museum, was presented to the temple of Apollo in Delphi, as a gift to the god Apollo. During the sixth century BC, Sifnos was famous for its gold and silver mines, and thus a very affluent island at the time. At Apollonia, the present capital of the island, enjoy a downhill walk along its stone paved pedestrian alleys leading you through this architecturally magnificently preserved town. The hamlets of this village spread out like an amphitheater on the slopes of three hills and are carved into terraces planted with olive trees. Labyrinths of stepped lanes, each one paved, strange chimney pots decorated with birds, chapels here and there, traditional shops, flowered courtyards - characteristics that make the place ideal for those who want to steep themselves in the atmosphere of Si­fnos and discover its subtle art of living. One of our favorite activities on this adventure is a walk through the (pedestrian only) medieval village of Kastro situated at the top of a rock with steep cliffs on its side and panoramic views over the sea and the neighboring islands. The capital of the island until 1836, Kastro played a very important role in the history of SU­fnos. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Kastro has kept all the characteristics of a fortified village, rebuilt in 1630 during the Venetian colonization. Here we have also included a rest stop (some call it an excuse) for you to enjoy a light snack with a glass of ouzo, or wine, or cafe. The village of Artemonas is a uniquely picturesque traditional village, seemingly unscathed by modern life. In the village's old aristocratic neighborhood you can admire neoclassic mansions built 200 years ago. The whitewashed houses with their fluid architecture are a truly enchanting experience for all visitors. From Artemonas your walk continues, mostly downhill, along the stone-paved pedestrian alleys of Pano Petali, offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands. We hope you have started to tie your shoelaces and are ready to join us on this lovely walking adventure. Let's go walking!

Notes: As you have noticed, comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended. You will spend approximately a combined two hours and 15 minutes walking amongst the beautiful villages on paved streets; including a few uphill sections and climb a combined 90 to 100 steps. It is all worth your effort and not that difficult for the average walker. Just think of the appetite you will work up for your next SeaDream meal.

Port: Sifnos Island

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 109 USD