Yachting Land Adventure

Wine Paths of Santorini & Oia

Taking this land adventure, you will be introduced to the wine culture and heritage of Santorini island and learn a lot about the main agricultural product on Santorini from an experienced enologist and sommelier. There is archeological evidence supporting the cultivation of the vine on Santorini that dates back almost 5000 years. However, it was the eruption of around 1600BC that made the unique wines of Santorini what they are today. The volcanic soil in which the indigenous varieties of Santorini grow is responsible for the unique character of the wines. Starting from Athinios port you will be met by your experienced guide and together you will board your private vehicle to begin your drive around the island.You will have the chance to visit two of the best known wineries, selected for their high quality products. You will start your tour from Venetsanos winery which belongs to Venetsanos family having a long tradition in wine production which is exported extensively to other countries. The winery was built in 1947 in an unconventional manner, constructed from above and moving downwards. Its superb location offers breathtaking views of the caldera and the volcanic islands. You will have a chance to taste three different wines, the white Santorini Asyrtiko, the red Mandilaria and the sweet dessert wine Vinsanto. You will then board your coach for a drive towards the northern part of the island where you will visit Sigalas winery located in the plain of Oia, in an area called Baxedes. There, the premium variety of the Mediterranean zone Santorini’s Asyrtico, Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano are farmed in the best possible way to suit their aroma and taste profile, producing fine wines of high quality recognized and appreciated in international contests. You will have a chance to taste four different wines together with an assortment of Cyclades cheeses and cured meat. You will then proceed to the nearby picturesque town of Oia where you will have some free time to stroll around the narrow streets with the old beautiful houses and the tiny mostly antique shops. Following a memorable experience you will board your private vehicle for your drive back to Fira town where you can either stay and explore on your own or make your way to the cable car and back to the yacht.

Notes: A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. Please make your reservations as soon as possible after boarding to avoid disappointment. All adventures and prices in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. Final departures times will be published onboard.

Port: Santorini

Duration: 4.5 hours

Price: 149 USD