Yachting Land Adventure

The Byzantine city of Mystras

On the lower slopes of Mt. Taygetos, a short distance from Sparta and approximately one and a half hour drive from Monemvasia, stands the silent, ruined city of Mystras. So much has remained unharmed by time that wandering along the grass-covered streets, between churches and noblemen’s houses to reach the citadel crowning the summit, the visitor has the feeling that he re-lives part of the Byzantine hellenism. During its two centuries of Mystras existence as the Byzantine capital of the Peloponnese, many churches and monasteries were erected, representing all the painting trends of the capital. Refreshments will be served at a local café before we start our walking tour to the Monasteries. Going up the hill, we enter the gate of Mystras castle, which was built by the Franks in 1249. The most important monument you meet on your way up is the Cathedral of Agios Dimitrios. On the floor of the church is the two-headed eagle, symbol of the Palaiologos dynasty, carved into a plaque. Towards the northern corner of the enclosure stand Mistra’s two most impressive churches, Agii Theodori and the Panagia Odigitria with fabulous wall paintings. On the slope to the east is the impressive Pantanassa monastery, built on the 15th century and is today a hospitable convent. Ending your walking tour, drive to the local restaurant to enjoy a delicious Greek meal. After lunch board your motor coach and return to the port of Monemvasia.

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Port: Monemvasia

Duration: 7 hours

Price: 199 USD

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