Yachting Land Adventure

Hiking the Caminito del Rey

The Caminito del Rey (The King’s Trail) crosses the beautiful Gaitanes Ravine and is a truly amazing hike through landscapes that defy both gravity and superlatives. This is a once-in-a-lifetime Yachting Land Adventure experience offered to our SeaDreamers. From Malaga pier, you will travel 1¼ hours by coach to reach the Caminoto del Rey. Originally a supply path for the construction of the railway and a hydroelectric power station, the path, more than 100 years old, fell into disrepair over the course of decades. The path is named after King Alfonso XIII, who walked part of the way to mark the inauguration of the hydroelectric power plant and the reservoir. Now, a comprehensive rebuild has placed it firmly on the map again and on many a hiking enthusiast’s bucket list. The trail is now manageable for many people and its bridges, paths and small tunnels comply with modern safety codes. Set out on this stunning walkway that is carved into rocky faces soaring heavenward above the path and plunging hundreds of feet below it. Around every bend, a completely new panorama opens before you. As you walk for approximately 3½ hours from Ardales in the north to Álora in the south, learn about the flora and fauna of the gorge, as well as some interesting facts about its geology, discovery, taming by railroad pioneers, and role in the region's production of electricity. Afterward, exhilarated and impressed; you will savor a delicious lunch at a scenic restaurant overlooking the reservoir before re-boarding the coach for the ride back to the ship.

Notes: Please note: The path can be closed at any time, without prior notice, due to adverse weather conditions. This non-circular walk covers approximately five miles, is mostly downhill, over unpaved, rough walking tracks and high narrow boardwalks with many steps. Please wear sturdy non-skid walking shoes, bring bottled water. There are no restrooms along the route; restrooms are located at the beginning and end of the hike. All participants must wear the safety gear provided. Please realistically assess your physical fitness and ability prior to booking. Not advisable for guests suffering from vertigo or those who have a fear of heights. Prohibited to carry backpacks, bags or any other big object, to take photos or videos with a tripod or to use cameras and equipment that can block other visitors’ way.

Port: Malaga

Duration: 7.5 hours

Price: 239 USD