22 Secret Caribbean Coves, Lagoons & Beaches

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Of the many reasons to sail with SeaDream, our unique perspective on the Caribbean is one of our best-kept secrets. Accessible only by ferry, foot, or chartered boat, these idyllic beaches and otherworldly locales are among the most secluded in the Caribbean and, arguably, the world. Each provides privacy and tranquility, as well as ample opportunity to snorkel, dive, hike, and bike its distinctive underwater environment and shoreside terrain. And with one hidden gem more pristine than the next, each is guaranteed to delightfully surprise even the most discerning and well-traveled.

With its tropical climate and relaxed personality, the Caribbean is the perfect yachting destination. Whichever island you visit, you will enjoy idyllic sandy beaches, glistening turquoise waters, and colorful culture. Whether you choose to snorkel in St Barths, jet ski in Antigua, or hike the Pitons mountains, SeaDream’s Caribbean offers experiences for all tastes and activity levels. While each island is unique, they do have one thing in common: stunning sunrises and sunsets that will stay with you forever.

Shell Beach, St. Barths

Shell Beach St Barths

Although we frequently overnight in the celebrated yachting playground of St. Barths, adding an exciting nightlife element to our itineraries, we take our guests for hikes to secret spots on the island, such as Shell Beach.


White Bay and Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

White Bay Jost van Dyke

On every SeaDream Caribbean itinerary, our signature Champagne & Caviar Splash® bursts on beaches nestled within breathtaking bays and paradisical coastlines, most notably on Jost van Dyke’s White Bay or its secret sister spot, Great Harbour. Enjoy champagne and caviar served in the surf, followed by a beach barbecue served on fine china.


Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe

Îles des Saintes Guadeloupe

Îles des Saintes, otherwise known as Les Saintes—an archipelago made of nine islets, only two of which are inhabited—boasts beautiful bays, sheltered coves, exceptional snorkeling, and colorful seaside villages. Considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Les Saintes Bay on Terre de Haut is arguably best experienced from above, through Fort Napolean, an invigorating hike from the yachting harbor. Swim, snorkel or simply stroll the beautiful beaches of Plage de Pompierre, Anse Crawen, and Grande Anse, the island’s crown jewels.


Sandy Ground, Anguilla

Biking Sandy Ground, Anguilla

The long crescent-shaped beach of Sandy Ground welcomes sail boats and yachts. Due to its hilly coast, Sandy Ground is protected from strong winds, making its pearl-white sand perfect for strolling, and its turquoise waters perfect for wading.  


Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines 

Tobago Cays St. Vincent and the Grenadines 

The Tobago Cays, an archipelago located in the Southern Grenadines of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is comprised of five small islands and extensive coral reefs. The uninhabited cays—Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac, and Jamesby—are the perfect antidote for the stresses of everyday life. The cays’ crystal-clear waters, heavenly lagoons, and white-sand beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. As one might expect, swimming and snorkeling spots abound. Petit Beateau and Petit Rameau (hint: arrive by Zodiac for an especially memorable landing) boast hiking trails where you can observe an abundance of tropical flora and fauna including iguanas and birds; they provide excellent panoramic views of the Grenadines. Those who wish to stretch their legs should take in the Baradal Turtle Sanctuary, a protected area where green and hawksbill turtles can be observed foraging freely, or simply stroll Petit Tabac, an isolated beach and the location where the deserted island scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl was filmed. 


Mayreau, the Grenadines

Mayreau the Grenadines

Time stands still in Mayreau. Accessible only by yacht and small sailboats, Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island of the Grenadines, with an area of about .46 square miles and a population of less than 300, centered in an unnamed village on a hilltop in the southwest of the island—its highest point and a nice hike from Salt Whistle Bay. Surrounded by magnificent coral reefs and gorgeous beaches, Mayreau and its surrounding Tobago Cays waters sit in a nationally protected area that has experienced a resurgence of marine life, including turtles that swim and feed while you mingle with and observe them. Take in the flora and fauna and don’t miss some of the best snorkeling in the world. Perhaps the ideal spot to anchor, Saline Bay provides easy access to Saline Bay Beach and Salt Whistle Bay Beach, a rare double-sided beach. 


Norman Island, British Virgin Islands 

Norman Island British Virgin Islands 

A breathtaking spot on the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands archipelago, Norman Island is said to be a source of inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate novel Treasure Island. You won’t find any pirates here today—only the island’s cliffside wild goats and uninhabited stretches of beach, with hidden bays and water-level caves, perfect for snorkeling and perhaps a little treasure hunting.  


Little Bay, Montserrat 

Volcano Little Bay Montserrat

Montserrat’s lush, verdant green fauna has earned it the nickname, “Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.” The pear-shaped island, part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, is known for its nickname in part because of its formerly large population of people who originated from Ireland. Little Bay, on the northwest end of the island, boasts a peaceful black-sand beach, tiny ferry port, and cluster of bars and restaurants. The landscape is distinct and has been rejuvenated since its milestone volcanic eruption several decades ago. 


South Friars Bay, St. Kitts 

Beach South Friars Bay St. Kitts 

This long, golden-sand beach along the tranquil Leeward Islands coastline is dotted with sea grape and palm trees, perfect for loungers, swimmers, and snorkelers. This slice of paradise is home to several upscale restaurants and beach bars, most notably the Carambola Beach Club. The view of Friars Bay from the top of Sir Timothy’s Hill is breathtaking—and well worth the hike.  

Cruz Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands 

Cruz Bay, St. John U.S. Virgin Islands 

A one-mile hike through the Virgin Islands National Park takes you from the quaint village of Cruz Bay to Honeymoon Beach, where you can bathe in crystal-clear turquoise waters. This little-known beach is tucked along the lush green hillsides of the island, shaded by large sea grape and coconut trees. Perfect for lounging, snorkeling, paddleboarding, or any number of watersports, the beach features panoramic views of the islands of Grass Cay, Mingo Cay, and Lovango Cay. 


Prickly Pear, British Virgin Islands 

Prickly Pear British Virgin Islands 

Located on the north side of North Sound, opposite Virgin Gorda, this tiny uninhabited island has no permanent residents, only a beach bar and recreational water sports facility. With all the cares in the world relieved, Prickly Pear is all about letting go. Three reefs lying just offshore provide some of the best snorkeling the Caribbean has to offer. Pristine white sand calls out for a nap under the sun. A walk down the beach to the end of the island reveals the island’s rich bird life and aquatic world, boasting some of the most colorful coral and fish you can imagine. 


Saba, Dutch Caribbean 

Saba Dutch Caribbean 

This Caribbean paradise of Saba is a special municipality of the Netherlands. It is also the location of the tallest, or highest point of the Netherlands, even though it is a few thousand miles away from its European homeland. With an estimated local population of just over 2,000, Saba is known for its many diving, hiking, and climbing opportunities. 

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands 

Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands 

Those who venture to the Virgin Gorda are greeted by vegetation-lined walking trails, several nature sanctuaries, and a truly awe-inspiring view from Gorda Point. From there, you'll enjoy a panoramic eyeful of the island’s pristine beaches and national park space. Soak in The Baths, Virgin Gorda’s geologic wonder made of awe-inspiring boulders that form hidden sea pools on the beach’s edge. 

Charlestown, Nevis 

Charlestown Nevis 

Nevis is one of our favorite islands, and we encourage you to explore Nevis beyond the small town to make the most of your visit. We offer several excellent and varied options for you to do so and still leave you with plenty of time on your own for the beach. Less commercial and laidback than its neighbor St. Kitts, Nevis, at first glimpse, offers a stunning approach with dramatic views of the potentially active volcanic Nevis Peak (3,232 feet). 

Falmouth Bay, Antigua 

Falmouth Bay Antigua 

This horseshoe-shaped bay and natural harbor on the far southern cost of Antigua is a peaceful paradise to behold. The harbor is lined with superyachts, boutiques, and restaurants, the historic Nelson’s Dockyard and idyllic Pigeon Beach, just a stroll away.  

Mt. Wynne Beach, the Grenadines 

Mt. Wynne Beach the Grenadines 

One of the most breathtaking black-sand beaches in the Grenadines, perfect for lounging and strolling. The bay is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.   

St. George’s, Grenada 

St. George’s Grenada 

This lovely town is situated on the island’s southwestern coast, on a small peninsula with a shallow exterior bay and a landlocked harbor. French settlers founded Saint George’s as a settlement in 1650, and it served as the capital of the former British Windward Islands for much of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. 

Chrishi Beach, Nevis 

Chrishi Beach Nevis 

Home of the upscale Chrishi Beach Club, a chic oceanfront hangout for any time of the day or night. As a SeaDream guest, order a champagne cocktail or a glass of rosé and indulge in menu items that boast refined European classics and American favorites. Soak in the sun in comfortable sun-loungers that line the sand, or relax under the palm-thatched roof of the quirky “Love Shack + Bar.” No matter your vantage point, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled view of neighboring St. Kitts and the crystal-clear ocean that laps gently at its shores. 

Leverick Bay, British Virgin Islands 

Leverick Bay British Virgin Islands Seafarers are always welcome at Leverick Bay and its marina, nestled in the Virgin Gorda. Located on the pristine shores of a magnificent large blue lagoon known as North Sound, it is arguably one of the most beautiful locations in the West Indies. This is the perfect spot to enjoy your choice of water sports from our retractable marina platform.  

Lovango Cay, U.S. Virgin Islands 

Lovango Cay U.S. Virgin Islands 

Perched strategically between the main islands of St. Thomas and St. John–mere minutes away by boat from both but hidden from each–Lovango Cay offers the intimacy of a private island. The island’s Lovango Resort & Beach Club, a secluded Caribbean hideaway reminiscent of a South Pacific deserted island, opens its doors to SeaDreamers, who won’t want to miss their chilled champagne signature lobster Caesar salad. Stay put and soak up the sun from your private terrace all day, or opt for a boat excursion to get to U.S. Virgin Islands National Park or the charming town of Cruz Bay in minutes. 

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