5 Must-See Destinations in Sicily & Southern Italy

Southern Italy is made up of Abruzzo, Basilicate, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia and the two islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Together with the Egadi, Lipari, Pelagie, and Panteleria islands, Sicily forms an autonomous region of Italy, and is perfect for yachting these isles and their idyllic shorelines. The island boasts 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Valley of Temples and Mount Etna, heavenly sandy beaches, and delicious cuisine and wine. Originally dominated by the Greeks, Sicily was passed on to the Romans and then the European powers during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and vestiges of the past infuse the island. 

Trapani, Sicily, Italy


An important fishing town and the main gateway to the nearby Egadi Islands, the province of Trapani sits pretty on the west coast of Sicily. Trapani means “scythe” in Greek, and the long, narrow shape of the town surrounded by the sea has Mt. Erice at its handle, the elected site of exiled Trojans worshipping the goddess Aphrodite. SeaDream docks in the center of town allowing for easy access to Trapani’s historic center, fish market, and gastronomic delights, including its classic street food cabbucio. From Trapani, discover Erice, a delightful medieval village with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Egadi Islands. 


Lipari, Sicily, Italy


Lipari, one of seven islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the northern coast of Sicily, boasts a fortified castello and the impressive Aeolian Archaeological Museum. For centuries the world center for pumice production, Lipari has the finest white pumice dust on its beaches. The water off Spiaggia Bianca (White Beach) is as clear as the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, and perfect for exploring via our signature marina platform. There are also several black sand beaches on the island worthy of exploration. On every voyage that calls on Lipari, enjoy a lovely scenic sailing past impressive Mt. Stromboli, one of the four active volcanoes in Italy. 


Taormina, Sicily, Italy 


Volcanic Mt. Etna and the Ionian Sea deliver the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for Taormina, Sicily’s legendary resort town. This ancient hilltop locale boasts winding cobblestone and marble streets and a second-century Greek theater. Take a cable car to the beach or walk uphill behind the Church of St. Joseph for panoramic views unlike any others. Taormina’s steep cliffs lead down to pebbled-beach coves engulfed by dense Mediterranean shrubs and sea grottos. With numerous civilizations including Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, and Spanish having left their imprint here, writers and artists have counted the city as their muse, including Alexander Dumas, Gustav Klimt, and D. H. Lawrence, who lived in Taormina while writing  Lady Chatterley's Lover.  




Capri, Italy


Capri may very well be the prettiest Italian island, nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Bay of Naples. This popular yachting destination has two boasts two beautiful harbors, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande. The separate village of Anacapri is located high on the hills to the west. From there, visitors can continue up to the highest point Mt. Solero. Besides some simply amazing shopping boutiques, the island has so much to offer including the famous Grotta Azzurra, Villa Jovis, Giardini di Augusto, Certosa di San Giacomo, Villa San Michele di Axel Munthe, and the uniquely shaped Faraglioni rocks. Mount Solaro marks the highest point of Capri, at 589 meters (about 1,932 feet) at its peak; two different hiking routes lead up the mountain and offer incredible panoramic views. 


Ponza, Italy


Part of the Pontine Island group and located in the region of Lazio, Ponza is a truly delightful island nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Shaped like a crescent moon, its glistening blue coastline is varied and dramatic with several rocky coves and sandy beaches as well as numerous grottos, caves, and craggy cliffs. The island has crystal clear waters and is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, biking, snorkeling and scuba diving. From your yacht’s signature marina platform, we offer full water sports activities while anchored off this Italian gem. 

One Voyage, Many Adventures


At SeaDream, we believe our beautiful world beckons to be explored and experienced. This is why we offer complimentary shoreside activities—including hikes and walking tours, mountain bike rides, and strolls through local farmer’s markets—for guided exploration on our Caribbean and Mediterranean itineraries. For those who want to dive deeper and linger longer, we have developed a wide array of engaging experiences in all our destinations—adventurous, culinary, and cultural—each designed to bring you closer to your destination.  



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