5 Top Snorkeling Destinations in the Virgin Islands

Incredible tropical fish, colorful coral reefs, and year-round warm waters make the Caribbean one of the most desirable places to snorkel in the world. When SeaDream I and SeaDream II drop anchor in Caribbean hideaways, we invite you to enjoy a host of watersports —snorkeling included!—directly from your yacht’s Marina. Should you choose to tender ashore, you’ll find no shortage of incredible beaches, coves, and lagoons in both the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. Many of the islands offer marine reserves with pristine snorkeling, some close enough to shore that you can swim right off the beach. For those looking for guided snorkeling and a more structured experience, SeaDream offers a variety of Yachting Land Adventures in the Caribbean. 



Norman Island, British Virgin Islands 

Simply put, Norman Island is classic Caribbean paradise. It is small, secluded, privately owned, uninhabited (except for wild goats), and accessible only by yacht or helicopter. On the island’s north shore sits the sheltered bay known as the Bight, one of the greatest natural anchorages in the region, and our top spot in the British Virgin Islands for snorkeling. Take a look at our Yachting Land Adventure, Snorkeling at Treasure Island. 


Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands 

Sitting pretty in the Lesser Antilles, just 4 miles west of Tortola, lies the tiny island of Jost van Dyke. Whether you choose Diamond Cay, Great Harbour, Little Harbour, or White Bay, there is no such thing as a bad spot to snorkel on this secluded island. Take a look at our Yachting Land Adventure: Sandy Spit National Park Snorkel Adventure. 


Prickly Pear, British Virgin Islands 

For those that haven’t heard, this tiny uninhabited island with no permanent residents is located off the north shore coast of Hodges Bay on the much larger island of Antigua, West Indies. Three reefs lying just offshore provide some of the best snorkeling the Caribbean has to offer. Pristine white sand calls out for a nap under the sun. A walk down the beach to the end of the island reveals the island’s rich bird life and aquatic world, boasting some of the most colorful coral and fish you can imagine. 


Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands 

The Virgin Gorda boasts enough dramatic shallow-water snorkeling spots to keep avid adventurers active for days. Located on the southwest coast of Virgin Gorda sits the Baths where underwater reefs, rock life, and tropical fish abound. The Dogs, a small group of uninhabited islands just of the West Shore of the Virgin Gorda, is another top pick—as are the many bays, such as Savannah Bay, that the island has also offered as self-guided snorkeling trails. Snorkel The Baths with us. 


St. John, the U.S. Virgin Islands 

The smallest of the three main U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John boasts some of the most unspoiled underwater habitats of anywhere in the entire Caribbean. Home to Virgin Islands National Park, St. John presents a handful of stunning beaches with snorkeling directly from shore. Check out our Yachting Land Adventure, The Underwater Snorkel Trails Of Trunk Bay. 

Are you ready to experience the secluded islands and playful yachting harbors of the Caribbean? SeaDream provides you with an intimate view of these destinations unlike any other boutique travel line. Click here to check availability and reserve your next voyage.  



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