7 Inspiring Caribbean Yachting Destinations to Discover in 2024

When SeaDream I and SeaDream II drop anchor in Caribbean hideaways, we invite you to enjoy watersports directly from the yacht’s Marina or head ashore for an invigorating hike or exclusive event at a secluded beachfront retreat. Return to your ocean-view accommodations and enjoy all the benefits of sailing in elegant informality with SeaDream: personal, award-winning service provided by a highly anticipatory crew of 95, inclusive open bar with premium wines and spirts, and world-class cuisine.  

As part of our dedication to the ultimate yachting journey, we include an expansive array of special services, including all al fresco activities—from yoga on deck to sleeping under the stars—with all dining offered in the open air. We are pleased to honor our guests’ holistic wellness lifestyles with a raw and living food menu and the only Thai-certified spa at sea, the SeaDream Spa.  


Embrace the spirit of travel this year by planning your next journey to the secluded islands and playful yachting harbors of the Caribbean. From the intoxicating glamour of St. Barths to the sheltered isle of Bequia, nestled in the heart of the Grenadines, the Caribbean shines with a world of delightful, off-the-beaten-path destinations—all best experienced by yacht. 

St. Barths, French West Indies 

St. Barths’ turquoise waters are the perfect playground to enjoy SeaDream’s signature Watersports Marina Platform—equipped with a new water slide and all the watersports equipment required for a proper yachting vacation. There’s plenty of time to explore St. Barths’ incredible beaches, outdoor cafés, and upscale boutiques, only steps away from the pier, accessed by your private tender. May we suggest Colombier Beach, by far the quietest secret spot of St. Barths? Two trails lead to the beach, where turquoise waters, forever white sand, and a densely green island backdrop welcome those seeking respite and relaxation. Many of our itineraries feature overnight stays in this marquee yachting playground, inviting our guests to explore the French-infused island’s flavorful nighttime ambiance. 

Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands 

Home to our signature Champagne & Caviar Splash®, Jost van Dyke is the epitome of a barefoot island, where palm-lined white-sand beaches greet curious travelers. Hike and snorkel in this secret paradise of just three miles, or simply stroll a few meters down the beach to engage with locals at the unassuming Soggy Dollar Bar.    

And on every SeaDream Caribbean itinerary, our signature Champagne & Caviar Splash® bursts on secluded beaches nestled within breathtaking bays and paradisical coastlines. Enjoy champagne & caviar served in the surf, followed by an elegant beach barbecue. 

Lovango Cay, U.S. Virgin Islands 

Perched strategically between the main islands of St. Thomas and St. John–mere minutes away by boat from both but hidden from each–Lovango Cay offers the intimacy of a private island. The island’s Lovango Resort & Beach Club, a secluded Caribbean hideaway reminiscent of a South Pacific deserted island, opens its doors to SeaDreamers, who won’t want to miss their chilled champagne signature lobster Caesar salad. Stay put and soak up the sun from your private terrace all day, or opt for a boat excursion to get to U.S. Virgin Islands National Park or the charming town of Cruz Bay in minutes.  

Saba, Northern Leeward Islands 

This Caribbean paradise of Saba is a special municipality of the Netherlands. It is also the location of the tallest, or highest point of the Netherlands, even though it is a few thousand miles away from its European homeland. With an estimated local population of just over 2,000, Saba is known for its many diving, hiking, and climbing opportunities. 


Sandy Ground, Anguilla 

Although some historians believe the island was discovered by the French in 1564 or 1565, others maintain that Chrisopher Columbus first spotted this island in 1493, naming it Anguilla (“eel” in Spanish) for its eel-like shape. The long crescent-shaped beach of Sandy Ground welcomes sailboats and yachts. Due to its hilly coast, Sandy Ground is protected from strong winds, making its pearl-white sand perfect for strolling, and its turquoise waters perfect for wading.   Today, the island is known as a haven for celebrities and jetsetters, sometimes dubbed the "South Beach" of the Caribbean with Shoal Bay being one of the most highly acclaimed beaches in the world. The island is ringed by spectacular beaches, healthy coral reefs, and hidden coves that provide great opportunities for all types of water sports. 

Esperanza, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

The small island of Vieques, located just off the east coast of Puerto Rico’s main island, is the most pristine island in all of Puerto Rico. Guests have the option to lounge on the white-sand Esperanza Beach, or enjoy a short walk from the beach to Cayo Adentro, where a hiking trail provides scenic views from the top. Vieques is home to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, Mosquito Bay, and we offer guests the opportunity to kayak in these rare waters. 

Bequia, the Grenadines 

Bequia (meaning “Island of the Clouds” in ancient Arawak) is only seven square miles and a true remote island, hidden from the traditional traveler's agenda. Steeped in sailing and pirate history, the isle offers the peaceful and secluded white-sand beaches of Princess Margaret Beach, Lower Bay Beach, and Friendship Bay Beach, idyllic snorkeling spots, and a relaxed pace that embodies the phrase “slow travel.” Bequia is just five miles from the tiny privately owned island of Mustique, which has long attracted the world's elite. From Bequia, catamaran over to Mustique to take in a perfect blend of simplicity, comfort, and sophistication that appeals to its international, cosmopolitan clientele.  

At SeaDream, we believe our beautiful world beckons to be explored and experienced. This is why we offer complimentary shoreside activities, including hikes and walking tours, plus mountain bike rides, for guided exploration with our Caribbean itineraries. 


Are you ready to experience the secluded islands and playful yachting harbors of the Caribbean this year? SeaDream provides you with an intimate view of these destinations unlike any other boutique travel line. Click here to check availability and reserve your next voyage.  

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