7 Unmissable Destinations When Yachting the Aegean to the Adriatic Seas

Secretly tucked inside of hidden bays and coves from Croatia to Greece and Turkey are bucket list destinations of pure bliss. Abundant UNESCO World Heritage sites. The walled medieval town of Dubrovnik. The beautiful Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, framed by a mountainous forest backdrop. The Greek isle of Itea, your gateway to ancient Delphi. And all the sunny seaside towns, quaint fishing villages, and yachting playgrounds in between—where your intimate SeaDream yacht drops anchor so you can linger longer and explore more of these ancient maritime cities and natural wonders. 


  • Vis, Croatia   

  • Hvar, Croatia 

  • Kotor, Montenegro

  • Vlore, Albania 

  • Itea, Greece

  • Athens, Greece

  • Istanbul, Turkey

Vis, Croatia

Vis, CroatiaThis island holds a host of accolades from being the oldest town in Croatia and hosting the oldest regatta in Europe, to featuring some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. With a picturesque coastline, it is easy to see why Vis was selected as the backdrop for the 2018 feature film Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. The farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland, Vis has an interesting cultural heritage after being secluded from foreign visitors up until the late 1980s. This history of isolation has been key in keeping the island pure, making Vis an ideal destination for those seeking authenticity. 

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, CroatiaThe Croatian island of Hvar, nestled in the Adriatic Sea, is blessed with a large fertile coastal plain and freshwater springs. Its hillsides are covered in pine forests, with vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and lavender fields in the agricultural areas. Croatia’s best-guarded secret, Hvar wraps around a sheltered harbor defined by a paved piazza and breathtaking baroque cathedral. Stroll along the palm-lined waterfront promenade and up to the hilltop castle, then wander through cobblestone alleys lined with shabby chic seafood restaurants and boutiques displaying handmade crafts and designer clothing. 

Kotor, Montenegro 

Kotor, Montenegro The coastal Mediterranean port of Kotor is surrounded by grandiose grey mountains and an impressive city wall built by the Republic of Venice and the Venetian influence remains dominant among the architectural influences. In 1979 the Bay of Kotor, City of Kotor and the surrounding territory were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site. SeaDream usually navigates close by the small islands of St. George and Our Lady of the Reef.      

Vlore, Albania

Vlore, AlbaniaThe scenic coastal town of Vlore is the beginning of the Albanian Riviera, its shores bathed by both the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas. The habor city holds special meaning for Albanians, as this is where the country declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century. Vlore boasts some of the most breathtaking remnants of castles and monasteries, as well as natural havens, such as the white-sand Orikum Beach and Llogara National Park, where you can venture off into Llogara’s protected wilderness for a day hike. 

Itea, Greece 

Itea, Greece Where Parnassos Mountain meets the sea at the Bay of Corinth sits Itea, a picturesque waterfront town located close to the archaeological site of Delphi, believed to be created by Zeus when he sought to locate the center of Gaia. Its view of the surrounding azure waters and imposing mountains in the horizon make Itea perfect for a pleasant seaside stroll, incredible cuisine, and robust coffee at one of its lovely outdoor cafés.  

Athens, Greece

Athens, GreeceAthens needs little introduction as the most influential of the Greek city states in Ancient Greece. Most interestingly, the city still displays 5th-century BC “monuments made from me for men,” as the philosopher Pericles once stated, including the Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings such the iconic colonnaded Parthenon temple. Although there are at least 10 landmarks worthy of exploration in this historic city, one would not want to miss strolling the historic “neighborhood of the gods,” the Plaka District, boasting charming Mediterranean tavernas, labyrinthine streets, and neoclassical architecture. 

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, TurkeyA transcontinental city straddling the Bosporus, one of the world's oldest waterways in northwestern Turkey, Istanbul has often been described as the destination where “East Meets West.” Its nickname comes from its most defining feature, the Bosporus Strait, which divides the European and Asian sides of the city, revealing a vibrant meld of cultures, architectural styles, and cuisine. Selected as a European Capital of Culture for 2010, Istanbul is home to some of the world’s most famous mosques, churches, and palaces, as well as being an important city during the Latin, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. 


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