A New Year | 5 Tips to Stay Fit While Vacationing

Yoga on the Beach

When it comes to visiting your favorite West Indies island or a Mediterranean must-do, the last thing you think about is keeping up with your gym routine. Traveling to a new place also means letting go of the old habits like having to wake up early for work, missing out on your weekly yoga classes, staying in unfamiliar accommodations, and having less flexibility with your nutritional expectations. The good news is that pre-travel preparation makes it possible to keep up with your active lifestyle during your vacation.
Here’s what you need to know:

Pack the Right Things

Whether you’re an inner yogi or more into Pilates, taking the right gear with you is everything. We’re not talking about carrying dumbbells but packing a few light items can really help make or break your fitness game. Some things you can work into your packing list include resistance bands, a jump rope, a yoga mat, and some awesome fitness apps.

Packing the right gear will certainly eliminate excuses like not having the right amenities where you’re staying or not having the time to get a short workout in. Having a yoga mat right in your hotel room paired with a jump rope is everything you need to break a sweat and burn some calories.

Careful, this doesn’t necessarily justify any binge eating even if you’re in Italy craving Spaghetti alla Carbonara!

Create a Schedule
It’s both exciting and overwhelming to visit destinations with so many things to do and see. But amid all your adventures, it’s important to remember your fitness objectives. Add workouts to your calendar, set reminders, and try to find a set time every day. While it’s exciting to be spontaneous in the heart of St. Tropez, it’s important to incorporate your workout into your experience.

If you find yourself missing one or two workouts, don’t stress too much and make sure to work extra hard in the next one. More importantly, find ways to be active in the most creative ways, like enjoying the scenic views while finishing an ab workout or walking an extra few miles when visiting a precious site.

Have Snacks Around
When we say snacks, we’re not talking about a Snickers bar on the go. Abs start in the kitchen, so finding a way to eat healthy even when on vacation is a big part of staying fit. Though you may run into a street full of tempting cultural eateries, remember that balance is everything. Don’t deprive yourself of trying new things, but don’t overeat either.

The secret is to have a few snacks in your bag so that you have alternatives when you pass by the donut shops and bakeries. Apples, granola bars, and nut mixes are good ways to overcome serious sugar cravings and to have something ready when your stomach starts rumbling.

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