All Al Fresco, All the Time

The allure of yachting lies in its promise of boundless open spaces, where the sky meets the sea, and the world unfolds in front of you. Whether it's the gentle caress of the sun's rays during the day or the enchanting twinkle of stars at night, SeaDream Yacht Club invites you to experience the ultimate in al fresco living. From dawn to dusk, and even beyond, every moment aboard a SeaDream yacht is an open-air affair. Let's embark on a journey to discover the many al fresco activities that await you on this extraordinary voyage. 

Al fresco breakfast onboard SeaDream

Dining Al Fresco: A Culinary Symphony Under the Sky 

Imagine every meal you savor served in the open air, a feast for the senses in the truest sense. At SeaDream, dining is an al fresco affair. From breakfast to dinner and every course in between, the world's finest flavors are complemented by the gentle sea breeze, making each bite a celebration of nature‚Äôs culinary masterpiece. The unique, intimate layout of a SeaDream yacht allows for al fresco dining in any space you choose, where you may join whomever you wish for nestle in your own private dining space, away from the cares of the world. 


Couple lounging on Balinese beds aboard SeaDream

Lounging in Style: Balinese Dream Beds and Poolside Bliss 

By day, the deck of your SeaDream yacht transforms into a haven of relaxation. Stretch out on Balinese Dream Beds, where you can bask in the sun's warmth or seek refuge in the shade of a billowing canopy. Whether you're lounging by the pool or gazing at the horizon, the open-air setting allows you to connect with the sea and the sky in unparalleled comfort. By night, sleep under an infinite canopy of stars, with elevated views of the sea. 

Massage on deck spa treatment onboard SeaDream

Spa Treatments on Deck: Rejuvenation in the Open Air 

Spa treatments on board are a sensory delight like no other. Picture yourself indulging in a massage or facial while the sea breeze caresses your skin and the soothing sounds of the ocean provide the soundtrack to your relaxation. SeaDream's open-air spa is a sanctuary of tranquility, a space where rejuvenation and the elements of nature merge to offer an unparalleled wellness experience. 

Al fresco oasis at Top of the Yacht Bar

Top of the Yacht Bar: Your Al Fresco Oasis 

The Top of the Yacht Bar is not just a bar; it's the beating heart of the yacht, a hub of activity and relaxation all rolled into one. Whether you're sipping cocktails by day or enjoying al fresco dining under the stars, this open-air oasis offers an ever-changing backdrop of breathtaking views. It's where connections are forged, stories are shared, and unforgettable moments unfold. 


Yoga on deck and morning Tai Chi with SeaDream

Mind and Body Harmony: Tai Chi and Yoga on Deck 

Awaken your mind and nourish your body with al fresco Tai Chi and yoga sessions on deck. As the sun rises or sets on the horizon, these ancient practices come to life in the open air. It's an opportunity to find balance, center your thoughts, and embrace the serenity of the sea. 

SeaDream's Movies Under the Stars experience

Movies Under the Stars: A Cinematic Journey 

Underneath the vast canvas of the night sky, SeaDream's Movies Under the Stars experience adds a touch of magic to your voyage. Whether you're enjoying a classic film or the latest blockbuster, this open-air cinema transforms your evenings into cinematic adventures. 

SeaDream's Marina Platform

Marina Sports & Activities: Dive into Adventure 

For the more adventurous spirits, SeaDream's Marina Platform is a gateway to a world of water-based activities. Dive into the crystal-clear sea for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. It's the thrill of exploration combined with the beauty of al fresco adventure. 

SeaDream Yacht Club offers a seamless fusion of luxurious living and the beauty of the open air. From dining under the sun to stargazing on deck, every moment is an al fresco celebration. It's a reminder that the best experiences in life are often the simplest ones, where the world around us becomes our canvas, and the journey is as breathtaking as the destination. With SeaDream, you're not just cruising; you're living an open-air dream. Discover your dream voyage here


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