Discover 5 More of the Best Small Greek Islands

Among the thousands of Greek islands that have graced the Aegean and Ionian Seas, only 250 of them are occupied. Tucked away in seaside harbors and secluded coastlines, these small Greek island retreats deliver incredible food and wine, otherworldly beaches, white-washed and blue-domed architecture, and ruins of ancient civilizations. Although travelers have undoubtedly heard of—and perhaps visited—such marquee isles as Santorini and Mykonos, others are awakening to a new perspective of exploring the region. One where the nimbleness of yachting allows access to uncharted destinations, with time to dive deeper and linger longer.  


As SeaDream I and SeaDream II drop anchor in these storied waters in 2025, enjoy long days of sunshine, quaint fishing villages, and UNESCO-protected sites steeped in history and character, including Meteora, where monks built a monastic community among limestone peaks in the eleventh century.


Delos, Greece


Sitting pretty at only a little over one square mile and largely uninhabited, Delos was considered “the most sacred of all islands” in ancient Greek culture. Legend has it that this is the location where Apollo, god of daylight, and his twin sister Artemis, goddess of night light, were born. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is by far one of the most important archaeological and historical sites in Greece. Indeed, its location at the center of the Cyclades gives rise to the theory that the name of the Cyclades group of islands comes from the word “circle,” or kyklos, that form around the isle of Delos. Most day visitors access this storied port by ferry; SeaDream will anchor offshore for a half day for maximum exploration.  


Skopelos, Greece


Tucked away in the western Aegean Sea, Skopelos is one of the lushest Greek islands of the Sporades island group, with pine forests that grow densely to the water’s edge and seemingly reach into the sea. Boasting dozens of picturesque, white-sand beaches and quintessential Greek villages, Skopelos sings with beauty. Most of the outdoor scenes in Mamma Mia were filmed on location at the island’s beaches and small towns. Weather permitting, we will sail by the headland with the wedding chapel shown in the movie. 


Kythnos, Greece


A wild natural landscape of exotic beaches nestled in the western Cyclades, Kythnos is an island of elegant simplicity and hospitality. Steeped in mythology, the island is named after Kythnos, the mythical king of the original settlers and son of the god Apollo. Bisected by ancient walls, lush valleys, and more than 100 secluded beaches, the main town of Hora and its surrounding villages shine for their elegant architecture and strollable alleyways dotted with fountains, flowers, and cozy taverns. Making its maiden call to the island in 2025, SeaDream will anchor off breathtaking Kolona Beach, a unique isthmus beach sitting between two breathtakingly beautiful bays. 

Enjoy the Yachting Lifestyle 

From the moment you are welcomed aboard, your crew’s smiling faces make you feel as if you are with friends aboard your own private yacht. Be as relaxed or as active as you like. With SeaDream, it is all about personal choice.  

  • Experience celebrated yachting harbors and secluded seaside towns among the Geek Isles
  • Enjoy a quiet evening call to Santorini after others have left the island
  • Linger longer overnight in Mykonos to enjoy an exciting nighttime element once the crowds have dissipated
  • Dine al fresco on deck or in the elegant Dining Salon—whenever and with whomever you like
  • Play with the water toys or swim from the yacht’s Marina
  • Relax on the spacious Pool Deck or in one of several hot tubs
  • Biking or hiking? Join a shoreside activity with the crew
  • Luxuriate at the SeaDream Spa—perfect after a day of exploration
  • Enjoy the Top of the Yacht Bar with 360° panoramic views
  • Sleep under the stars on a Balinese Dream Bed
  • Watch Starlit Movies® on deck
  • Visit the bridge with clearance from the Captain  

Milos, Greece


Perhaps providing the most diverse and dramatic coastline of all the Greek islands, sheltered, horseshoe-shaped Milos boasts more than 70 beaches and is heralded as the location where Venus de Milo (the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite) was discovered. While discovering your favorite sand upon which to relax, don’t overlook Sarakiniko’s volcanic white cliffs and Papafragas’s emerald-green swimming holes and caves—shaped by the island’s unique minerals, including obsidian, barite, and sulphur, which happily bubble up in abundant hot springs.


Patmos, Greece


Tucked away in the South Aegean Islands, Patmos was named by  Forbes  as “Europe’s most idyllic place to live.” Its Cave of the Apocalypse is where John of Patmos (St. John) is said to have written the Book of Revelation. A fortress-like, 11th-century monastery dedicated to the saint overlooks the whitewashed houses of the hilltop capital, Chora, itself notable for its more than two dozen ancient churches and stone pathways only accessible by foot. Explore the Monastery of St. John & Patmian House on our specially curated Yachting Land Adventure. 

Are you ready to experience the secluded islands and playful yachting harbors of the Greek Isles in 2025? SeaDream provides you with an intimate view of these islands unlike any other boutique travel line. Click here to check availability and reserve your next voyage.  

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