Entering a New Decade – Top Travel Trends of 2020

As we enter a new year and head into a new decade, we wanted to look at the 2020 travel trends that will shape the way we all vacation and the industry as a whole. According to the international travel agency network of Virtuoso, “carving out more family time and fulfilling your Wanderlist come up big in our annual travel forecast.”

Here are some travel trends Virtuoso's travel advisors expect for 2020:


Travelers are seeking authentic travel experiences that can’t be replicated. Travelers are more keenly aware of tourist traps and want to avoid the crowds often found with popular tourist destinations. They want to see the “untouristed and unexpected destinations.”

SeaDream’s boutique mega-yachts allow for guests to visit small ports that are hard to reach by larger ships, allowing guests to have those authentic experiences they seek. Itineraries include destinations with hidden yachting harbors and smaller, less crowded ports and passages where large ships cannot visit.

There’s nothing compared to the yachting life that gives you the opportunity to discover the true heart of each destination.

Active or Adventure Trips 

Travel is no longer about passively looking at landmarks. Travelers want to actively engage with their surroundings and create experiences and memories they can’t get back home.

With SeaDream’s Yachting Land Adventures, you can stay active in your trip with a wide range of options. Partaking in unique activities at each destination has a transformative element that leads to more fulfilling vacation experiences.

Our complimentary, shoreside crew-led activities include hikes and walking tours, shopping with the Chef, mountain bike rides for private exploration and so much more. If you’re feeling more adventurous, our Yachting Land Adventure excursions, which can be booked and purchased on board, can range from cooking classes to active snorkeling trips and much more. These excursions are designed so each guest may experience each destination to its fullest. 

Celebration Travel

More and more, luxury travelers are booking trips as part of celebrations. Whether celebrating a big milestone, birthday or anniversary, booking a getaway is the most memorable way to celebrate all of lives big events.

Special occasions and milestone moments deserve the ultimate  celebrations. Rethink the way these moments should be celebrated with something remarkably different. Forget traditional cruising; this is an  inclusive yachting experience  that combines casual luxury, comfort, world-class dining and highly personalized service. It’s the perfect way to create memories with that special someone or with a group of friends. Enjoy the company of fellow guests who enjoy similar interests and tastes for both travel and adventure. The choice is yours on SeaDream, this is your yacht.

Why limit birthday festivities to just one day? A week-long voyage to the islands in the West Indies or to the beautiful ports and cities in the Mediterranean is a wish come true for those looking for more than just a birthday cruise or vacation. If it’s celebrating a milestone birthday or any number in between, our crew is there to make it a truly amazing experience for our honored guests.

For more information on how to make a celebration aboard SeaDream unforgettable, please visit https://seadream.com/lifestyle/celebrations/.

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