Get to Know: SeaDream’s Wine Director Martin Arentz

How do we create our famed Wine Voyage itineraries? Year after year, we seek for the world’s most interesting and refined flavors to craft the perfect experiences for wine lovers everywhere. Every single Wine Voyage is designed to enhance the yachting lifestyle and create an unforgettable culinary experience unlike any other wine tasting cruise. A SeaDream Wine Voyage will give you a whole new appreciation for wine as you taste only the best and most memorable reds, whites, and champagnes.

In 2019, Wine Enthusiast listed us as one of the best cruises for wine lovers. For us, wine voyages are more than an opportunity to sample wines. They are an immersive adventure that allows guests to walk away from their voyage with a deep understanding and love for distinct flavors and a new appreciation for wine.

With the expertise of our Wine Director Martin Arentz, a SeaDream Wine Voyage is the perfect opportunity to enhance your knowledge of food & wine pairings. Martin joined SeaDream in 2018 and curates our Wine Voyages with his extensive experience in the industry to ensure exciting voyages for our guests.

Meet the expert behind the most spectacular wine experiences at sea as he discusses his background, his approach and what’s next for SeaDream’s Wine Voyages.

Q: How did you first get involved in the wine industry?
Martin: I grew up visiting European vineyards with my parents each summer. These trips provided me with a long-lasting foundation and a fascination for the history, the people and the variety of wines crafted in these small villages.

Over the years, I’ve visited more than 100 vineyards, tasted thousands of wines, designed wine shops, picked grapes and blended my own wines. I have been traveling and tasting wines for 20 years. Winetasting and dinners have been my work and hobby since the late 90’s. Both my work and life experiences have given me the passion and knowledge that I now bring to SeaDream’s Wine Voyages.

Q: How do you choose which winemakers to feature on SeaDream’s Wine Voyages?
Martin: Winemakers are chosen by several factors. First and foremost, the wines need to have recognized quality. We also like to look at wineries with an interesting history and distinctive collection. Finally, creating variety is crucial, so we make sure each year we have different styles and regions represented during the season.

Q: What makes SeaDream’s Wine Voyages special?
Martin: Our Wine Voyages are designed to enhance both the culinary and yachting experiences of guests onboard. Pairing the ultimate wine experience with the regions’ most scenic backdrops, guests are able to meet the personalities behind some of the world’s most renowned wineries and notable vineyards and explore their flavors and history.

Each of our wine voyages include complimentary wine tastings hosted by a representative from the visiting winery or wineries.

Guests can also choose to participate in the Winemakers Dinner for an additional cost. The Winemakers Dinner is an unforgettable gastronomical experience hosted by the visiting winemaker that features food and wine parings with wine packages by the glass. Each Wine Voyage also features at least two wine-related Yachting Land Adventures to give guests to opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the wonderful world of wine.

Q: What’s in store for 2020?
Martin: We have an amazing assortment of wineries and guest winemakers lined up. This year and in the coming years we are focusing on more organic and biodynamic wineries, which I think our guests really appreciate. We are looking forward to making new memories and sharing our love for wine during our upcoming voyages.

Discover some of the world’s most noteworthy wineries with SeaDream’s 2020 Wine Voyage Collection now open for booking.
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