Meet the Crew: A Culinary Q&A with Executive Chef Tomasz

“I have been working with SeaDream for 23 years, yet every day feels like a new adventure. At SeaDream, I’m encouraged to grow both professionally and personally. I love my job because no day is ever the same—I am presented with new challenges and situations, which really helps me to stay focused and creative when it comes to developing the best cuisine for our guests.”   

—Tomasz Kozlowski, Fleet Executive Chef  

As part of our dedication to the perfect yachting journey, we would like to introduce you to the people who make us #1 for our award-winning service on the seas. This week we are pleased to introduce you to Chef Tomasz Kozlowski, responsible for developing and executing our 5-star cuisine on board. Read on to discover more about how he captures the flavors of your destinations and how SeaDream serves up Dream Cuisine at every turn. 

Q: How would you describe the cuisine on board?  

A: I would describe our cuisine as a fusion of styles from different countries because each of our chefs brings a little of their own country with them on board. Food quality is unsurpassed, the demand for plant-based dishes and special menu items continues to grow, and  presentation standards are continuously evolving to new heights. Our menus are very flexible in that they reflect the way our guests live their lives—special dietary requests are always honored, simply ask your server.  


Q: How would you describe the dining experience with SeaDream?

A: Our dining is best suited to a person who seeks a relaxed environment in the open sea air, enjoys a high standard of service, and appreciates an equally high standard of cuisine. All cuisine is prepared à la minute and served al fresco or in the elegant dining salon, with international menus that incorporate local flavors of the region with the freshest, high-quality ingredients and wine lists inspired by our destinations. In true yachting style, our dining spaces can accommodate all guests dining together either indoors or al fresco.


Q: What is your approach to menu development and dish presentation?

A: For me, every day is slightly different in that it presents new challenges, and that helps keep me on my toes. I take my own inspiration from people around me from where we are currently yachting in the world and combine them. And that’s how I approach menu development and dish presentation—creatively, using the freshest available ingredients to make flavors come alive. 



Q: What are some vegan dishes you are introducing this season?

A: From appetizers to desserts, and everything in between, I have developed some new breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes that are plant-based and infused with flavors of the regions. Here is a sampling of what our guests can look forward to: 


Q: Which Mediterranean destinations have the best farmers’ markets?

A: The city that comes to mind is Barcelona. I lived there for a year while still in culinary school. La Boqueria market in Barcelona is a place for all food lovers and is open all day, offering a wide range of fresh vegetables, tropical fruits, never-before-seen sweets, and an unforgettable world of fresh seafood. Stalls are filled with thousands of other products with great charm and imaginative presentation. Boqueria Market is a space full of life, history, and unquestionable architectural value.


Q: Where does “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising®” mean to you?  

A: Being the Fleet Executive Chef, the yachting experience starts with providing personalized, top-notch service, where guests are given the freedom to request dishes and enjoy their meals according to their specific preferences. It involves catering to our guests’ tastes and making sure that our cuisine is prepared to the best of standards, meeting the highest expectations of the guests.  


Q: What is so special about Caribbean cuisine and spices? Are the flavors different among the islands, and if so, how?

A: Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of many different cultures and flavors, reflecting the diverse history of the region. Bold and spicy flavors, fresh ingredients, and vibrant colors characterize this cuisine. Caribbean cuisine includes the food of countries such as Jamaica, Barbados, and the Bahamas, and is known for its spicy and flavorful dishes, including jerk chicken or curry goat. These dishes are often served with rice and peas, which is a staple in island cuisine. Rice and peas is a dish made with rice, kidney beans, coconut milk, and spices, and is often served with a variety of meat or seafood dishes.  Many dishes are seasoned with hot peppers, which add a fiery kick to the dish. Other common spices used in Caribbean cuisine include ginger, garlic, and allspice.


Q: What is it that you love most about SeaDream?  

A: It is a pleasure to work for a company that is growing and innovating and takes care of their employees. I feel the work I do every day makes a difference to the people we live amongst and the communities with which we interact. Every crew member plays a part in making the guest experience truly special and unique, and it that way it is as much their yacht as it is ours.

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