Meet the Crew: Q&A with Nelmarie


As part of our dedication to the perfect yachting journey, we would like to introduce you to the people who make us #1 for our award-winning service on the seas. This week we are pleased to introduce you to Nelmarie, our Spa Manager on board SeaDream I. Nelmarie joined SeaDream Yacht Club in 2016 after working on larger cruise ships. She enjoys the difference of a smaller spa that is a “tailor-made experience” for our guests, courtesy of a dedicated team of Thai-certified therapists. Nel is a passionate diver and enjoys the great outdoors, where she loves to hike and bike. When she’s at home, she enjoys exploring her beautiful, native South Africa with her family and friends. Those who know Nelmarie also know she is an avid singer and guitar player and loves to perform with our onboard musicians whenever she gets the opportunity.  

Q: Where is your favorite place to travel in the Caribbean—and why?  

A: Mayreau. It is a pristine, unspoiled island. And it feels so private, exclusive, like you are the first and only person there. It’s so non-commercial, it’s almost hard to describe.  


Q: Where is your favorite place to travel in the Mediterranean—and why?  

A: Bonifacio, Corsica.  The cozy port that lies snug and sheltered between what seems like high, white cliffs. Docking while reversing in is always a treat to experience.  When we overnight in this destination, you can go up to the “white city” on the cliff and experience fabulous restaurants with a stunning view of the city below and all the beautiful yachts in all their glory.  


Q: Where does “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising®” mean to you?  

A: Yachting is for the affluent, sophisticated traveler who enjoys being looked after at all times.  Therefore, service from the moment you step on board is automatically top notch, in every detail, and our crew takes great pride in delivering the best service on the seas. We are able to deliver consistent, familiar, personalized service that bigger ships can’t.  


Q: What is it that you love most about SeaDream?  

A: In a word: the crew.  

Are you ready to experience the secluded islands and playful yachting harbors of the Caribbean and Mediterranean this year? SeaDream provides you with an intimate view of these destinations unlike any other boutique travel line. Click here to check availability and reserve your next voyage.  


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