Sea. Sky. Safari. - Soar in Style

If you’re looking for an adventure for all your senses, we have partnered with TCS World Travel to bring you an expedition of a lifetime. Travel in luxurious fashion by sailing the Mediterranean by yacht and take off on a custom Boeing 757 private jet for a wild and adventurous safari. Explore the world like you never have before with Sea. Sky. Safari.

Private Jet Experience

This unique voyage is all about comfort and style with intimate ports, harbors and hard-to-reach destinations. After being pampered aboard your SeaDream mega yacht, flying private is the perfect way to continue this luxurious and wild adventure. The finest details are carefully prepared for your next stop: Africa.

Here are 5 reasons you’ll love TCS World Travel’s private jet on this adventure:
  1. Spend more time exploring Landing closely to hard-to-reach destinations allows for more time to explore. You will be accustomed to this perk with SeaDream, and a private jet is a great way to segue into the journey to Africa. Heighten your adventure without the hassle of traditional traveling. Routes include direct flights that are not available on commercial airlines, and that’s a major plus to truly enjoy the exploration you so desire. [cdn3 urls="/blog/50866/1.jpg"]
  2. Truly relax 30,000 feet in the air What is the epitome of comfort? Italian-leather flatbed seats with 6.5 feet of personal space makes it to our list. The spacious two-by-two seating will have you immersed in comfort, style and full relaxation. [cdn3 urls="/blog/50866/3.jpg,/blog/50866/2.jpg"]
  3.  VIP Luggage Service Traveling may seem like a drag, and dragging along behind you is typically your luggage. Luckily, the VIP Luggage Service takes care of this for you. Rest assured, an experienced and thorough team will have your belongings waiting in your room. [cdn3 urls="/blog/50866/4.jpg"]
  4. Receive impeccable Service This is a journey designed with you in mind, with personalized service to cater to your needs. The sense of luxury is quintessential in the five-star accommodations provided in-flight. With on-demand entertainment with Bose® noise canceling headsets included, you will realize there is simply no other way to soar through theair. [cdn3 urls="/blog/50866/5.jpg,/blog/50866/6.jpg"]
  5. Enjoy the Journey of a Lifetime Traveling with TCS World Travel and SeaDream is a dream voyage to satisfy your adventurous land, sea and air appetite. It is elegance at its finest—and embarking on this journey will leave you feeling pampered, spoiled and well traveled. [cdn3 urls="/blog/50866/7.jpg"]
Space is filling up and we want you to be sure to not miss out on this special expedition. Call your travel professional today for more information, or visit:
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