Why SeaDream Is Your Ultimate Choice for Romance

Sleep under the stars with SeaDream

Imagine being surrounded by the pristine waters of the Caribbean or the enchanting allure of the Mediterranean isles and celebrated yachting harbors, where sun-kissed waters become the backdrop to your love story. Whether you’re celebrating a cherished milestone or embarking on a new journey of love, SeaDream Yacht Club offers the perfect setting for romance. Consistently voted #1 for Romance by Cruise Critic year after year, a yachting journey with SeaDream is ideal for those celebrating a milestone event—honeymoons, weddings, anniversaries, and vow renewals—with signature Sunrise and Sunset ceremonies. Here's why SeaDream is the #1 choice for those seeking a touch of refinement and casual elegance to celebrate their special moments. 

Wedding ceremony officiated by Captain onboard SeaDream

Romance Ceremonies: Where Dreams Come True 

At SeaDream, we understand that your special day deserves to be nothing short of perfection. Our Romance Ceremonies are designed to take care of all the details, ensuring that your celebration is truly unforgettable. Picture this: your ceremony officiated by the Captain of your very own yacht, surrounded by the endless expanse of the sea. You can choose to recite your personally prepared vows or select those thoughtfully crafted by the Captain, allowing you to rekindle the feelings of your initial romance or celebrate a new chapter of love.

Couple enjoying champagne

Tailored Packages for Every Desire 

Whether your dream is an intimate celebration for two or a lively gathering with family and friends, SeaDream offers tailored packages to suit your desires. Opt for the “Couple's Package” for an intimate experience that includes a Captain-officiated ceremony, flower arrangements, live musical accompaniment, Champagne toast, and a private breakfast overlooking the sea for Sunrise ceremonies. For those seeking to share their joy with a larger group, the “Friend's Package” offers options for Champagne breakfasts or Champagne cocktails and canapés, along with personalized invitations for your guests. 


Sunset & champagne onboard SeaDream

Captivating Sunrise & Sunset Ceremonies 

Imagine the sun painting the sky with hues of pink and gold as you exchange vows on the deck of your yacht. With SeaDream's Sunrise Ceremony, you'll meet the Captain at the bow of the yacht, greeting the new day with a memory to last a lifetime. Afterward, indulge in a beautifully prepared champagne breakfast, perfectly complemented by the serene sea view. 

Alternatively, choose the Sunset Ceremony for a romantic backdrop of the sun setting on the horizon. After your ceremony, savor canapés and champagne cocktails as you toast to the new memories you’re creating. 

Champagne, Flowers & Live Music: Setting the Stage for Romance 

Champagne, Flowers & Live Music: Setting the Stage for Romance 

SeaDream's commitment to romance goes beyond breathtaking views. Each package includes flower arrangements, lapel flowers, and live musical accompaniment to serenade your special day. A champagne toast with the Captain adds a touch of elegance to your celebration. And, of course, no romance is complete without a special certificate presented and signed by the Captain to commemorate your love. 

Celebrate milestones, weddings, and anniversaries with SeaDream Yacht Club

A Delicious Finish: Cake & More 

The sweet finale to your celebration includes a single-tier cake presented at the ceremony and served following your dinner that evening. It's the perfect way to savour the sweetness of your love story. For larger parties, SeaDream offers additional options, including specially prepared desserts and personal invitations for your guests. 

Make Your Romance Unforgettable with SeaDream 

At SeaDream Yacht Club, we believe that love is meant to be celebrated in the most extraordinary way possible. Whether you choose to start your day with the magic of a Sunrise Ceremony or bid farewell to the sun with a Sunset Ceremony, SeaDream offers an enchanting canvas for your love story. We invite you to contact us and let us know about your desire for a Romantic Ceremony during your reservation process. By doing so, we ensure that every detail is prepared to perfection. 

Are you ready to experience the most romantic travel journey of a lifetime? SeaDream provides you with an intimate view of the Caribbean and Mediterranean unlike any other boutique travel line. Click here to check availability and reserve your next voyage. 


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