Spotlight on Jost van Dyke

The tiny barefoot Caribbean island, accessible only by sea

Sitting pretty in the Lesser Antilles, just four miles west of Tortola, lies the tiny island of Jost van Dyke. Named for a seventeenth-century Dutch privateer, Jost van Dyke is one of the British Virgin Islands’ best-kept secrets, accessible only by yachts and small sailing vessels. SeaDream's yachts drop anchor in secluded White Bay, greeted by a palm-lined white-sand beach and turquoise waters backdropped by lush mountains.  


Live life like a local

Live life like a local

With less than 300 inhabitants the locals truly live life on “island time.” Sparse in development and rich in beauty, the island has only one road, a handful of cars, and a few stores. Hike and snorkel in this secret paradise of just three miles, and discover the ruins of early sugar mills, surviving explorer footpaths, and wildlife along the way to picture-perfect white-sand beaches that attract yachters and beach bums alike.

A snorkeler's paradise

A snorkler's paradise

Whether you choose Diamond Cay, Great Harbour, Little Harbour, or White Bay, there is no such thing as a bad spot to snorkel on Jost van Dyke. If we had to choose just one, we would pick the waters of Sandy Cay, a little uninhabited islet just offshore.  

At the sound of the yacht's horn, let the bubbles flow!

At the sound of the yacht's horn, let the bubbles flow!

On every SeaDream Yacht Club Caribbean itinerary, our signature Champagne & Caviar Splash® bursts on beaches nestled within breathtaking bays and paradisical coastlines, followed by an elegant beach barbecue. Jost van Dyke is our signature island of choice for a burst of the bubbly and the coveted “black gold.” 


If you prefer rum instead of—or in addition to—champagne, simply stroll down the beach to the unassuming but world-famous Soggy Dollar Bar. This is where “The Painkiller”— a blend of Pusser’s Rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, orange juice, and a hint of nutmeg—was invented.  To keep the Soggy Dollar Bar spirit alive, we offer our own rum version on board.

Hike to Great Harbor

Hike to Great Harbor

From White Bay, you can walk along the beach or choose to hike up and over the hill to Great Harbor. The hike takes about 20 minutes one way and is moderately challenging, which makes another Jost van Dyke world-famous watering hole, the floating Foxy’s Bar at the other end of your hike, even more welcoming.

Are you ready to experience the secluded beaches and playful yachting harbors of the British Virgin Islands? SeaDream Yacht Club provides you with an intimate and unique view of Jost van Dyke. Click here to check availability and reserve your next voyage. 

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