The Well-Connected Friend

Credit to: Virtuoso Magazine Catching Up With The Crew Hotel concierges need to know their cities inside and out – and the same goes for cruise concierges and ports of call. Frudelyn Torrecampo, splits her time between SeaDream I and SeaDream II, and has her pulse on dozens of ports around the world, from Cienfuegos to Saint-Tropez. A staple for our SeaDreamers for the past 14 years, Frudelyn is an expert in finding just the right thing to do in every port we visit. Learn more about Frudelyn: How many ports do you think she sees in a year? What port does she know like the back of her hand? What is her favorite spot on board? Find out all of this and more in Virtuoso Magazine’s “Catching Up with the Crew” feature, spotlighting outstanding crew members in the industry including SeaDream’s very own Frude.
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