Top Snorkeling Destinations in the West Indies

With crystal clear waters, magnificent coral formations and diverse marine life, there is no shortage of amazing snorkeling opportunities in the West Indies. It is no wonder the region has a spotless reputation as a top destination for snorkelers, both beginners and experts. Regardless of your experience level, there is something for everyone while visiting the West Indies.

SeaDream guests can borrow snorkel gear from the yachts for independent exploration or participate in one of the many remarkable snorkeling Yachting Land Adventures, which give guests the opportunity to admire the absolute best snorkeling spots each island has to offer.

The list of SeaDream’s must-see snorkeling destinations is extensive, so here are just a couple of the countless options. These ports offer mesmerizing opportunities to witness beautiful sights and admire diverse marine life in their natural habitat.

Norman Island, B.V.I.

Norman Island is located at the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands. It could very well be the very same island reputed to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's pirate novel Treasure Island. It is said that the island was named after a pirate who purchased it at some point during the early 18th century. The island is uninhabited and privately owned. A large harbor is known as "The Bight" offers one of the most protected anchorages in the area. Guests can enjoy some great hiking opportunities as well as snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Snorkeling at Treasure Island optional adventure is a delightful snorkel trip that includes a scenic boat journey between the British Virgin Islands to the famed Caves at Norman Island with a reputed history of piracy. Although much of the treasures has been discovered, more pirate treasure is rumored to exist today on Norman Island. This adventure begins with a scenic 35-minute ride across the picturesque Sir Francis Drake Channel to two of the B.V.I.'s prime snorkel sites. Your experienced snorkel instructor will take you snorkeling at the uninhabited and legendary caves at Treasure Point (Norman Island), where pirate treasure is said to have been hidden. A second snorkel stop is planned at the pristine surroundings at The Indians before returning to your SeaDream Yacht.

Man-O-War Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Featuring only a few hotels and restaurants, Man-O-War Bay offers a peaceful escape and beautiful scenery, away from mainstream tourist destinations. Create new memories in this West Indies destination that offers the perfect vantage point to admire the area’s diverse marine life while swimming or snorkeling in Man-O-War Bay’s blue waters.

We offer an optional Yachting Land Adventure that allows guests to explore the underwater sea life at Angel Reef, known for its abundance of undisturbed marine life and the largest living brain coral in the world. After a 15-minute scenic mountain drive to the town of Speyside, participants board a comfortable boat that takes them along the emerald coast to arrive at Angel Reef. A favorite for divers around the world, Angel Reef boast of crystal-clear water providing visibility up to 100 feet. Float over thousand-year-old coral formations. Observe huge sponges and the world’s largest single brain coral. See colorful reef fish and diverse marine life.

Portsmouth, Dominica

With nearly 3,000 residents, Portsmouth is the second largest town in Dominica. Marine life is plentiful offering many rare species including seahorses, flying gurnards, batfish, and more. Dominica's snorkeling scene has a lot going for it. Experience it for yourself with SeaDream and you won't be disappointed.

You may choose to embark on the exciting Snorkel Dominica Adventure, which takes participants to some of Dominica’s best snorkeling spots on this 4-hour guided adventure. The waters surrounding the island can have visibility of approximately 100 feet, allowing curious visitors to easily discover the underwater world. The majestic mountainous landscape is as spectacular underwater as above.

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Culebra Island is an archipelago comprised of 23 smaller islands alongside the main island of Culebra. Culebra Island has one of the consistently top-ranked beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach, and offers incredible snorkeling opportunities.

With SeaDream, you can paddle your way along Puerto Rico's kayaking and snorkeling mecca, the world-famous crystal clear waters, and white sand coastlines of Culebra Island. Discover some of the most amazing marine life in the West Indies! Join your eco guides as you swim among schools of colorful tropical fish and vibrant coral formations. A second, fully guided snorkeling session off the beach will take place at a spectacular coral reef. This may be the best way to see the incredible island of Culebra - Don't miss it!

Cruz Bay, St. John, U.S.V.I.

Two-thirds of St. John Island has been dedicated as a national park and is the most virgin of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is blessed with many beautiful beaches and bays, fine anchorages, and verdant hills.  Enjoy the day with an optional snorkeling trip to Trunk Bay.

Lounge on the beach or use the snorkel equipment provided to explore the National Park Service's underwater marked trails. The trails include plaques on the bottom of the sea, describing the coral formations and fish that inhabit the waters. Parrotfish and yellow tailed snappers over the coral reef are just a few of the colorful sights you'll see. The nearby grass beds afford an opportunity to spot stingrays and green turtles. If you are new to snorkeling, your guide is happy to provide instruction. If you are an "old hand,” you'll find an abundance and variety of sea creatures and underwater terrains to explore. Simply put, it doesn't get any more beautiful than this!

Which West Indies destination is your favorite for snorkeling? Discover all of SeaDream’s top snorkeling destinations on a SeaDream I or SeaDream II voyage.

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