Vacations Are Good For You!

The New Year is all about focusing on getting back to your top physical health and mental well-being, recent research shows that vacations are essential to a healthy brain. Here are some other benefits of going on vacation.
  • Improves Memory Dr. Russell Poldrack, professor of psychology and neurobiology and director of the Imaging Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin explains vacations provide new experiences in a way your daily routine can’t. And when you experience something new and unfamiliar, your brain responds by releasing dopamine into your hippocampus, the part of your noggin that creates memories. This memory boost may even help protect against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Increases Creativity French and American researchers found that vacations improve problem-solving abilities, increase awareness of hidden connections, and encourage people to try new things — all of which facilitate your mind’s creativity.
  • Sharpens Mental Focus Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh reported that people with serious health conditions who took time for any leisure activity in the previous month had lower levels of stress hormones than those who didn’t take a break.
  • Boosts Reaction Time A study commissioned by Air New Zealand found that after just two to three days on vacation, people got more and higher-quality sleep both during and after their trip. The result: Reaction times improved by up to 80 percent.
Here are a few tips, additional health benefits and reasons why SeaDream is your ideal vacation and good for health.
  • Go far, far away French researches found the more you’re forced to adapt to a new environment, the greater your boost in creative genius. SeaDream visits small harbours and ports around the world, many inaccessible by larger ships in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.
  • Plan Ahead A stressful vacation will do more harm than good and while on vacation stress is the last thing anyone should have to deal with. One way to make sure to avoid anything stressful let SeaDream do all the work for you. With our itineraries available far in advance book in advance and sit back and wait to get spoiled.
  • Schedule in free time, sleep and exercise An Austrian study found that vacationers who made time for all three felt more recuperated after a vacation than those who didn’t. With the finest Belgian linens and a selection of pillows, blanket or down duvet, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and plenty of places to stretch out and relax, SEADREAM is ideal for all three activities. Don’t forget to spend some free time in the Spa.
  • Socialize A study in the Journal of Travel Medicine concluded that making new friends on vacation decreases stress. Our casual, relaxed atmosphere and guests with like interests make an ideal combination for socialization. SEADREAM encourages socialization with hors d’oeuvre and cocktails served pre-dinner and our after-dinner gatherings around the Top of the Yacht Bar and Piano Bar.
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