Why Book a Grand Voyage?

Grand voyages offer endless possibilities and the ability to visit anywhere up to 25 ports in one seamless journey. These extended voyages combine two or more back-to-back voyages for a more comprehensive and in-depth travel experience. In many cases, you can choose to sail for 14, 21, or more days without repeating ports. Grand Voyages resonate with travelers looking for a carefree vacation in which they can unwind while exploring some of the world’s best travel destinations.

The SeaDream team meticulously plans Grand Voyages so that you can visit a different port nearly every day during your journey. Incorporating more overnight stays in places with a lively nightlife is also of the utmost importance to ensure guests can experience the best each destination has to offer.

There are countless reasons why a SeaDream Grand Voyage makes for the perfect vacation at sea. Here are a couple of the top reasons:

Come aboard, unpack just once

Call SeaDream home for as long as you would like. Whether it’s 2, 3, 5 or more consecutive voyages, the choice is yours. Enjoy an extended journey without any of the hassles of transferring from destination to destination by air or ground. Get settled in your comfortable stateroom and soak in the relaxing ambiance aboard the ships whether by day or night. SeaDream I and SeaDream II offer a wide array of onboard activities and provide unparalleled, personalized service.

Enjoy a more comprehensive experience

Imagine all the places you’ll visit, while also enjoying your time onboard. The Grand Voyage Collection features sailings across single regions as well transatlantic crossings.

Single region grand voyages provide a comprehensive experience that allows guests to leisurely explore many distinct destinations in one luxurious and seamless journey. Popular itineraries combine world renowned Mediterranean ports in the French and Italian Riviera, Greek Isles, Adriatic Sea, the Spanish coast, to name a few. Bask in a region’s rich culture and take in some of the world’s most memorable sights. Spectacular landscapes, world-class cuisine, historical attractions, and picturesque beaches are all part of the Grand Voyage experience.

During voyages involving transatlantic crossings, SeaDream sails to unique ports in the Caribbean and Mediterranean while providing ample time to enjoy the “SeaDream Difference” during the crossing.

The more you sail, the more you save

With a SeaDream Grand Voyage, guests enjoy 10% off each consecutive voyage segment. Grand voyages can be as few as 2 back-to-back segments or as many as 5+.

SeaDream’s 2020 Grand Voyage itineraries include:

Venice to Malaga
Sept. 30 – Oct. 24, 2020
This 24-day journey departs from Italy and sails through the Adriatic Sea to stunning Croatian ports before making its way to the Greek Isles. SeaDream II will then explore some of Italy’s most stunning destinations, including Positano, Sorrento, and Capri. This voyage also visits Monaco, France, and Spain for a truly unforgettable Mediterranean vacation. There is something for everyone along this spectacular Grand Voyage.

Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
July 25 – Aug. 15, 2020
This 21-day voyage covers the best of the best in Greece and Croatia. Visit small ports like Itea (Delphi), Greece, as well as popular destinations like Dubrovnik, Croatia. Additionally, SeaDream II will sail to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, and Montenegro. With three overnight stays and many more late evening departures, this voyage is sure to please even the most discerning travelers.

Discover the entire 2020 Grand Voyage Collection.
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