Why Spend the Holidays on a Yacht?

Cruise Holidays

While Christmas and New Year’s are not always about sandy beaches and sunny skies, taking a cruise to exotic islands like in the West Indies can be quite rewarding. While we do suggest traveling during this festive season, we think taking a mega-yacht and sailing across different islands is even more exciting.

Here’s why you should spend your holidays on a cruise:

You Don’t Have to Skip the Holiday Dinner

When it comes to holiday celebrations, we’re all thinking about that special dinner that brings friends and family together. Three-course dinners overlooking the British Virgin Islands can be even more exclusive and exciting for your holiday crowd.

Gather around an outdoor dining area, and be pampered by gourmet wines served by sommeliers, and five-star dining with culinary connoisseurs. Breathe in the fresh air of exotic beaches and take part of SeaDream’s Signature experiences.

Besides, let someone else do the cooking!

Get A Glimpse of Local Celebrations

Whether you dock at St. Barths for New Year’s or spend Christmas in Virgin Gorda, you’ll get a whole new outlook on celebrations. More than just exploring new ports, you’ll get a chance to see the islands all dressed up for the holidays, listen to festive music around town, and see the decorations in the windows of local homes.

Each island will have its own way of expressing its holiday cultures, and it turns out to be quite interesting and a wonderful part of the holiday. Celebrate with your loved ones at a local restaurant or walk around the joyous streets of your favorite destination.

See Your Ship in A New Light

Watching as your ship transforms into a heart-warming ambiance of hanging garlands and lights is quite the experience. The effort that goes into creating such a joyous and festive feeling while sailing is simply unparallel. Take part in culinary creativity when feasting and experience true moments of awe while celebrating with the ones you love.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, start new beginnings right by gathering around banners, streamers and balloons to celebrate the big day. Be pampered on board with Signature massages, gourmet cocktails, and award-winning service. Indulge in the outdoor breeze, bask in the sunlight, and simply live in the moment.

 Shorten Your Bucket List
What better way to celebrate holidays than by crossing off some bucket-list items? Celebrate Christmas in style by visiting the ports you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you made a promise to dive in the clear waters of Bahamas or try the European pastries of Marigot, sailing during the holidays is everything.

Besides, you don’t have to go off-board to cross off some adventures. Get the best Thai-massage on the ocean right on SeaDream or enjoy SeaDream’s Signature Dessert Extravaganza while cruising the world. Whatever you decide, the globe is yours.

If you’re ready to book your exciting holiday voyage, browse through SeaDream’s itineraries and pick your favorite.
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