SeaDream Yacht Club Upgrades Fleet with Shore Power Connectivity

SeaDream Yacht Club Upgrades Fleet with Shore Power Connectivity  

MORE SUSTAINABLE YACHTING: As the first luxury cruise line, SeaDream Yacht Club will retrofit its entire fleet with shore power connectivity. Photo: SEADREAM YACHT CLUB

Luxury boutique cruise line SeaDream Yacht Club will upgrade its entire fleet with shore power connectivity, enabling zero emissions in ports.  


Miami, Florida – December 12, 2023 

Being able to connect to shoreside electricity enables the yachts to turn off their engines and reduce emissions to zero in ports that offer shore power facilities. 

“This is a significant milestone and an important step in our journey to more sustainable cruising,” said Andreas Brynestad of SeaDream Yacht Club. 

SeaDream II successfully underwent the upgrade during a recent planned yard-stay at Naval Rocha Yard in Lisbon, Portugal. Identical sister ship SeaDream I will be upgraded during her planned yard stay in April 2024.   

The upgrades make SeaDream Yacht Club the first luxury cruise line to retrofit its entire fleet with shore power connectivity.

“Visiting some of the most beautiful and spectacular destinations on the planet comes with a responsibility. We are committed to having a positive impact in the communities and destinations we visit. Our employees, our guests, and our partners are all an important part of our ambition to inspire more sustainable travel,” said Brynestad.  


Small scale makes big impact 

PLANT-BASED AND LOCAL: SeaDream Yacht Club was the first cruise line to introduce a full plant-based menu, and currently offer the widest selection of plant-based alternatives at sea. Fleet Executive Chef Tomasz Kozlowski shopping for greens at a local market. Photo: SEADREAM YACHT CLUB

Since founding modern yacht cruising in 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club has shaped and defined boutique cruising as the antithesis of mass tourism. The recent upgrade of shore power capabilities marks the latest in a decades-long commitment to sustainability in luxury travel. 

SeaDream’s yachting itineraries are optimized for slower speed and lower fuel consumption, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions compared to traditional cruises.

SeaDream was the first luxury cruise line to ban the use of cheap, polluting heavy fuel oil (HFO). Since 2013, the company has powered its yachts with lighter, less polluting fuel, significantly reducing emissions. 

More than a decade ago, SeaDream Yacht Club was the first cruise line to introduce a full plant-based menu. Offering the widest selection of plant-based alternatives at sea, as well as sourcing more goods locally and minimizing food waste, substantially contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.  

SeaDream Yacht Club was the first luxury cruise line to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic across the fleet, replacing plastic items with more sustainable options or removing single-use items altogether.  

All SeaDream guests receive a personalized glass bottle, which can be refilled at water stations across the yachts, significantly reducing the number of plastic water bottles. In addition, biodegradable, organic luxury bath amenities from Elm Organics Norway are available in all staterooms and suites.  

All SeaDream Yacht Club voyages include late-night departures, often with overnight stays, aiming to maximize time spent in port for deeper cultural immersion and enhance local value creation for communities and businesses.  

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About SeaDream Yacht Club

Family-owned and -operated, SeaDream Yacht Club has set the industry standard for boutique yachting experiences. 

With its twin casually elegant mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II,  accommodating a maximum of only 56 couples and manned by 95 exemplary crew members, the company offers seven- to 15-day voyages to exclusive harbors and secluded ports around the world. 

SeaDream Yacht Club's commitment to "It's Yachting, Not Cruising" is reflected in the small size of its vessels, distinctive luxurious onboard lifestyle, highly anticipatory service, and all-inclusive offerings that encompass special services, activities, watersports equipment, gourmet cuisine, premium wine and beverages, and gratuities. 

SeaDream Yacht Club also supplement guests’ holistic wellness lifestyles, and feature the first and largest plant-based food menu at sea and the only Thai-certified spa at sea, the SeaDream Spa.


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