Art Aboard SeaDream

The original artwork aboard SeaDream II has been created by some of Norway�s most well-known contemporary artists. It has been specially selected by Linn Brynestad, spouse of Atle Brynestad, Norwegian entrepreneur and owner of SeaDream Yacht Club. Below are Linn Brynestad�s comments on the artwork and the artists who have created it.

SeaDream II Main lounge

Artist: Ulf Nilsen, 1950, Trondheim, Norway

Ulf Nilsen was not able to speak as a child. It was through his paintings that he gave voice to his loneliness and his expressive needs. At the age of 25 he became able to speak. He tells us that this occurred following an accidental meeting with a beautiful woman. His need to communicate with her was stronger than his fear and shyness � �during the whole night I talked and talked � and most likely I scared the hell out of this beautiful woman. I never saw her again. But I have spoken since�.
Ulf Nilsen is married to the well known painter Ida Lorentzen and he is also one of Norway�s most significant artists of today. (Ulf Nilsen and Ida Lorentzen are personal friends of Atle and Linn Brynestad.)

Sold publicly ( a small assortment)
Museet for samtidskunst, Oslo, Norway
Nationalgalleriet, Oslo, Norway
Astrup Fearnley museet for moderne kunst, Oslo, Norway
Norsk Kulturr�d
Det Kgl. Slott, Oslo, Norge
New York Public Library, New York
Canadian National Museum, Ottawa
Hochschule St. Gallen, Switzerland

Sea Dream II Spa

Artist: Marian Heyerdahl, 1957, Oslo, Norway

As a daughter of the famous Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, the sculptures of Marian Heyerdahl have their roots in many parts of the world. The cycle of her artistic research has come full circle from the African continent back to her homes in Italy/Norway. Her work is sensual, organic and reflects an artist�s love and concern with the elements air, earth, fire and water.

Commissions (some)
Museum Piramides de Guimar, Tenerife 1991-93, 94, 96, 97
Timexpo, Middlebury, USA 1997
KonTiki Museet, Oslo, 1998
1st Prize Concorso int. Gualdo Taldino, Perugia, Italy

SeaDream II Library

Artist: Oernulf Opdahl, 1944, Norway

Through Oernulf Opdahl�s entire artistic work, his paintings have expressed the time in which we live. It is the ocean, light and landscape from which Oernulf Opdahl creates his personal expressions and with the changes of the different styles you can see his technical skills.

Oernulf Opdahl has a very wide exhibition list and is also represented among others in the following collections;

H.M. Queen Sonja of Norway�s private collection
Nationalgalleriet, Oslo, Norway
Riksgalleriet, Oslo, Norwau
Norsk Kulturr�d,
Museet for samtidskunst, Oslo, Norway
Astrup Fearnley Museet for moderne kunst, Oslo, Norway
Rolf Stenersens samling, Oslo, Norway
University of Northumbria, Newcastle

Oernulf Opdahl is also responsible for the Norwegian Nobel Institute�s Peace Diploma for 1995.

SeaDream II Dining Room

Glass has always been a fascination to people for more than seven thousand years. Why?
Because glass is a dream, mysticism or light captured in a distinguished form? During my work with painters, potters and sculptors I�ve found they all have this in common; Fascination and a strong desire to challenge the raw glass � and to bring forward their own form and colour senses into glass. And it is from these meetings between the glassblower and the artist, that unique artistic works are being made.

Artists: Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge (1962) and Lena Hansson (1962)

Lena Hansson is an industrial designer and Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge is Head of Design at Hadeland Glasworks, established 1762. Maud and Lena have participated in several exhibitions in Norway and abroad, and have both received Norsk Designr�d�s prize for excellent design. Both Maud�s and Lena�s works have been sold to Kunstindustrimuseet in Oslo, Norway and other collectors.

SeaDream Outdoor caf�

Artist: Poul Jensen (1950) Denmark

Poul Jensen, born in Denmark, has always made functional porcelain and given it a poetic imprint. He is inspired by beauty, functionality and simplicity of traditional design.
Poul Jensen is now the Head of Kunst-og H�ndverksskolen, Oslo, Norway.

SeaDream II Owners� suite

Artist: Ada Lisa Gjeruldsen.
It is easy to love Ada Lisa Gjeruldsen�s paintings. As a painter and graphic artist she is dramatically, almost masculine in the expression, but without hard, cold edges. Ada Lisa Gjeruldsen�s paintings often express happiness, energy and surplus energy based on strong and characteristically tight composure and a masterly control of the mixture of the colours. Her themes might easily be from behind closed doors as from open landscapes.

Ada Lisa Gjeruldsen�s work has been sold to:

Gulbenkan Museum, Lisboa, Portugal
Den norske Bank, Toensberg, Norway
Vestfold Fylke, Norway
Sandefjord Kommune, Norway
Storebrand, Oslo, Norway
Moere og Romsdal Fylke, Norway

SeaDream II Reception Area:

The reception area onboard SeaDream II is decorated with paintings, drawings and nautical maps from as early as the 1500 century.