Cancel For Any Reason

In These Unsettled Economic Times
SeaDream Yacht Club

Cancel for Any Reason

100 Percent Protection
to Reassure Travelers
With a Wait-and-See Attitude

Here�s a welcome and timely new program from innovative SeaDream Yacht Club.
It�s a Cancellation Waiver Policy on bookings called Cancel for Any Reason.
In these disturbing economic times SeaDream is introducing a policy whereby travelers who book voyages on SeaDream I and II, can change or postpone their SeaDream travel plans for up to 18 months for any reason. Provided they do so up to 48 hours prior to the date of departure they will receive 100 percent yacht credit for the voyage tariff including government, port handling and service fees. This yacht credit will be applied toward a future sailing on one of SeaDream�s ultra-luxury mega-yacht cruisers within 18 months of the written cancellation. Cost for this Cancel for Any Reason program is $50 per person or a minimum of $100 per stateroom, per voyage. This is about $7 per day, per person to cancel for any reason for a one week voyage.
To take advantage of the Cancel for Any Reason program� travelers need only to advise SeaDream or their travel agent of their desire to cancel their booking up to 48 hours prior to embarkation. Cancellation must be in writing. The yacht credit in the amount of the original monies paid, less the waiver fee, applies to the new booking on any 2008, 2009 or 2010 scheduled voyages.
When guests elect to re-book within the specified 18 month period the yacht credit is applied as a fare reduction on the new booking. If the re-booking cost is less than the original, the balance, is forfeited. If the re-booking costs more, then the original guests pay the difference.
The Cancel for Any Reason program is not applicable to SeaDream Group Bookings, Bulk Stateroom Purchases or Full Yacht Charters.
SeaDream operated a similar program following 9/11 that was much appreciated by the travel agent community and the general public.
SeaDream points out that the Cancel for Any Reason program is not a substitute for the purchase of a regular travel insurance policy which covers medical emergencies, trip interruption or cancellation, loss or delay of baggage and other eventualities. SeaDream�s supplier for travel insurance is Travel Guard International whose policies are available to North American travelers. Information on complete coverage may be found on SeaDream�s

The Cancel for Any Reason program will be reevaluated at year�s end.