Once again---for the fourth consecutive year---SeaDream Yacht Club has repeated its outstanding ratings in the Berlitz Ocean Cruising and Cruise Ships guidebook, widely recognized as the most authoritative and reliable of the passenger shipping evaluations.
The mega-yachts SeaDream I and II topped the prestigious Five Star Club scoring higher than 15 other well-known vessels in the 2006 Berlitz book. The SeaDream twins were again described by Berlitz author Douglas Ward as �utterly exclusive.�
One ship, Europa, a German language vessel operated largely for the German market, scored marginally higher than the SeaDream I and II and was rated Five Stars Plus. Berlitz utilizes an elaborate rating system that scores passenger ships by several criteria including accommodations, service, food, entertainment and overall sailing experience. Interestingly, SeaDream I and II, whose scores were identical, are not rated by Berlitz in the entertainment category since SeaDream emphasis is not put on elaborately structured shipboard entertainment but rather on unstructured yachting ambience. Hence, it is reasonable to expect that if the SeaDream mega-yachts were rather even modestly for entertainment, they would have topped the overall Berlitz ratings.
In spite of the absence of an entertainment rating, the small SeaDream I and II achieved amazing scores. In fact, in service and overall cruising experience they topped the much larger Europa.
Commenting on the achievement, Larry Pimentel, CTC, President and CEO of SeaDream Yacht Club, stated �This is a truly amazing honor for us. In only four years of operation we have been honored by Berlitz four times---not bad for a tiny operation such as ours. My hat is off to all SeaDreamers who made this possible; most notably the incredible onboard staff and crew of SeaDream I and II.�