SeaDream Guest Tests False Positive for COVID-19

Guest’s False-Positive COVID-19 Test Came Back Negative 

A SeaDream guest was told in error that they had COVID-19 due to a false-positive test. The guest had presented no symptoms and was tested as part of a routine check upon arrival in Denmark. When tested a second time, the guest’s test came back negative, showing the first test was a false-positive. False-positive results can occur when the test detects antibodies to a coronavirus closely related to the COVID-19 virus or if the test quality has been compromised.    

Immediately after being notified of the false-positive test result, SeaDream alerted local health authorities and swiftly implemented a stringent COVID-19 protocol. The voyage was paused for one day so that all crew and guests could be tested. The voyage then continued without an issue as all guests and crew tested negative.   

We knew that being the first luxury line to resume sailing during these uncertain times would not come without challenges. After this false alarm, we are confident the SeaDream team can rise to the occasion and meet any challenge that comes our way,” said Andreas Brynestad. “We want to thank our crew and the Norwegian health authorities for their professionalism and ability to respond so quickly and effectively in situations like these.”   

SeaDream has been able to adopt comprehensive infection control measures since early March without sacrificing the luxury experience and award-winning level of service the company is known for. SeaDream continues to sail COVID-free and goes above and beyond government guidelines to protect the safety of the crew, guests, and communities visited by the yachts.