One of the twin beauties operated by SeaDream Yacht Club, SeaDream I, is scheduled to return from its scheduled two-week dry dock in Barcelona May 10, with a freshness matched only by a high profile movie actress beloved by its audience.

Not only is she undergoing her regularly scheduled normal maintenance to keep her in tip-top shape, but she is undergoing the loving touches that keep her and her sister yacht, SeaDream II, in impeccable shape.

SeaDream II underwent similar dry docking last October.

When SeaDream I emerges from her beauty regimen April 30 to operate a full ship charter, she will have experienced both interior and exterior upgrading that includes:

� New carpeting in public rooms, corridors and staircases,
� New carpeting in staterooms as needed,
� New upholstering of furniture in public rooms including in the Main Salon and Dining Salon,
� New upholstering in staterooms, with new color schemes,
� New teak decking as needed, including around the swimming pool and forward on the Bridge Deck.
� Complete upgrading of tenders.

Also, just as with SeaDream II�s dry docking last October, SeaDream I is undergoing a series of upgrades to its sound systems in the Main Salon, Pool Bar area, Piano Bar and top of the Yacht Bar areas. This includes new digital mixers, monitors, screen for video projection and wireless microphone system.
Again, like SeaDream II last October, SeaDream I is also undergoing upgrade work to its satellite system---receiver, decoder, stereo and mono audio matrix and TV antenna.

It is this attention to detail that assures guests---whether on full-ship charters or individually scheduled voyages---that they will have the finest seagoing experience in the world when sailing with award-winning SeaDream Yacht Club.