SEADREAM�S South America Yachting Experiences

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SEADREAM�S South America Yachting Experiences

The South America Riviera Collection
The South America Adventure Collection

Winter 2006-2007

The New Yachting Collection of Sailings
Will Include Powder Sand Beaches, Rainforests, Eco-Tourism,
Water Sports, Chic Resorts, Colonial Villages,
Sophisticated and Vibrant Cities

SeaDream Yacht Club will introduce a series of ten sailings in South America in the winter of 2006-2007. SeaDream has themed these sailings as:

The South America Riviera Collection which includes vibrant and sophisticated cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires as well as chic resorts such as Buzios and Punta del Este.
he South America Adventure Collection which will feature such experiences as eco-tourism, wildlife viewing, golfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, private museum visits and the exploring of UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Four of the nine-night, ten-day sailings will commence in Rio and end in Buenos Aires. These include an overnight in Rio with the SeaDream yacht as the guests� hotel, and a day trip to famed Igua�u Falls. Four will commence in Buenos Aires and end in Rio. These will include an overnight and extra day in Buenos Aires with the yacht serving as the guests� hotel.

Two will be Buenos Aires roundtrip voyages . These will include sailings on the Uruguay River as well as the Rio de la Plata; Nueva Palmira (for Carmelo), Uruguay for outdoor activities such as golfing and bike riding; Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, a UNESCO Heritage Site; Montevideo, Uruguay, lively city with interesting museums, good shopping, spectacular golf and the opportunity to visit a working ranch; and Punta del Este, Uruguay, a prime yachting resort. There is also a charter flight to famed Iguacu Falls included in the voyage price.

Since it commenced service in the fall of 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club has had both of its twin yachts, SeaDream I and II, sailing in and out of small yachting ports in the Caribbean during winter months. In summer both yachts are in Europe. The new South American itineraries will be operated by SeaDream I. SeaDream II will continue to sail in the Caribbean for the winter months. With the absence of her SeaDream I twin yacht; SeaDream II is expected to sell briskly.

South American ports of call from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires will be Buzios, Parati, Ilhabela, Porto Belo, all in Brazil, and Punta del Este, Uruguay. There will also be a call on Itajai in Brazil to position guests for a private jet charter to spectacular Igua�u Falls, which will included in the price of these Rio-Buenos Aires voyages.

The ports of call from Buenos Aires to Rio will be Punta del Este, Uruguay; Porto Belo, Ilhabela, Ilha da Gipoia, Parati and Buzios, in Brazil.

One of these South America sailings from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro will include Rio�s famed Carnaval (February 12 voyage). Christmas Eve SeaDream I will be sailing off Porto Belo, Brazil. While for New Year�s Eve SeaDream I will be in chic and lively Punta del Este. SeaDream stated these special holiday voyages are expected to fill quickly and is urging those interested to book early to assure good air transportation.

In commenting on the news, Larry Pimentel, CTC, President and CEO of SeaDream, said �All of us at SeaDream are excited about these new South America sailings. We are confident they will offer upscale travelers a new and spectacular SeaDream-style experience. They will offer a wide range of holiday pleasures: sophisticated cities like Rio and Buenos Aires and all of the cosmopolitan excitement that makes them so attractive, as well as a series of small yachting ports with great natural beauty---wonderful un-crowded beaches, water sports, mountain biking, magical rainforests, eco-tourism, chic resorts and historic colonial villages.

�The SeaDream yachts are the first ultra vessels to establish a sailing pattern in this area. �As stated, when we relocate SeaDream I to South America for our first season there SeaDream II will remain in the Caribbean. I would like to make it clear that the Caribbean continues as a fine region for SeaDream. Our guests constantly praise our Caribbean voyages where we are able to provide the intimate yachting ambience that we have become well known for. Nevertheless, there is too much passenger ship inventory in the Caribbean and the area has poor yields.

�South America has beckoned us. It is hot, sexy and exotic. SeaDream guests have suggested we introduce voyages there as an alternative. And we have had frequent suggestions from travel professionals, meeting planners and yacht brokers who have told us their clients have considerable interest in South America.

�We have had a strong team from SeaDream working on this South American concept for months. We also consulted with several independent organizations on weather and sea conditions. Both are highly favorable in Northern hemisphere winter months which is summer in the Southern hemisphere. I am also pleased to report that air transport to Rio and Buenos Aires where our voyages will commence, is exceedingly good. Major North American and European carriers serve these cities with high frequency. Also Australia has good air service there as well.

�Initially we expect more FIT (single passenger bookings) than charters for which our yachts are ideal. This is especially true during the year-end holidays (Christmas, New Year�s and Carnaval). The nine-night-ten-day sailings are more FIT-oriented rather than charter-oriented. Having stated this, we fully expect to find private families who will want to take our vessel on a charter basis. My guess is that the corporate world will be enticed as well and we will likely see a few incentive charters, possibly for seven days.

�As I said, we are excited about South America,� Pimentel concluded.
SeaDream�s 2006-2007, nine-night, ten-day South American voyages are:
#1647 Nov 23, Rio-Buenos Aires (U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday onboard in Rio and includes a visit to Iguacu Falls)
#1648 Dec 2, Buenos Aires-Rio
#1649 Dec11, Rio-Buenos Aires
#1650 Dec 20, Buenos Aires-Buenos Aires (Christmas Holiday Sailing, includes Iguacu Falls)
#1701 Dec 29, Buenos Aires-Rio (New Year�s Eve Punta del Este)
#1702 Jan 7, Rio-Buenos Aires (Includes Iguacu Falls)
#1703 Jan 16, Buenos Aires-Rio
#1704 Jan 25, Rio-Buenos Aires (Includes Iguacu Falls)
#1705 Feb 3, Buenos Aires-Buenos Aires Includes Iguacu Falls)
#1706 Feb12 Buenos Aires-Rio (Carnaval in Rio)

Following this series of South America sailings SeaDream I will sail back to the Caribbean. The plan is for SeaDream II to do the South American itineraries the following year.
The South American sailings are open for bookings now. Prices for individual bookings for the nine-night, ten-day sailings based on double occupancy of staterooms are from $4,499.00 per person, based on SeaDream�s �Book Today and Save Plan.�
Similarly, prices for the individual bookings for the December 20 Christmas voyage are from $5,399.00. Prices for individual bookings for the December 29 New Year�s voyage are $5,299.00 and include a day trip to Igua�u Falls. Prices for the Rio Carnaval voyage are from $6,099.00 Solo travelers pay 175 percent for single occupancy. In addition government and port charges, document issuance, fuel surcharges, handling and service fees of $585.00 per person are extra for the 2006 South America sailings and $612.00 for 2007.

Complete details of these South American voyages, including schedules, itineraries and pricing are available on SeaDream�s